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December 18th 2011
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Love from the Roche family. xx
Hey Everyone,

Just so everyone knows I am still alive. I thought I would send a quick note to say we are still travelling...

We are still having a ball.. BUT travelling with kids in Asia means I have less time then I am used to.

Ha. As I re read that. What a statement. Lmao. ; )

Ps only ONE manicure and NO massages in the last four weeks should give you an idea of how little of time, I have had to blog. ; ) AND not one book read.. maybe a chapter. Bought heaps though. Mark must get started on building me another bookshelf when we get back home. ; )

I have recieved a few messages and feel horrible because although I check in breifly on facebook, I am really fighting hard to just be. So..Yes, we are still around. But we have had hectic days with Marky joining us in Phuket, then we we were cramming in Siem Reap, Cambodia and now we are in our last night of Ho Chi Minh City.

I have been writing and my word documents are always open but really trying to limit my computer time combined with sometimes no or little internet acces...

so that means, little time to post. ; )

We head to Hoi An tomorrow, where we stay for 12 nights. Planning on posting on the 21st of December. So grab a wine, coffee.... whatever because there is quite a bit of reading to catch up on.

Anyways, I hope you all are well. Thinking of you all planning for Christmas. ; )

Merry Christmas everyone!! Lots of love!!

Tams, Marky, Zoe and Mr. Kolton. xx


19th December 2011

Waiting to hear all about your adventures, So I will be grabbing a wine to read your next chapter of your journey. Happy Anniversary you love birds XXX

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