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Asia » Uzbekistan » Karakalpakstan » Moynaq May 9th 2016

Day 101 Thursday 28th April 2016 – Khiva to Nukus Leaving about 9.00am today so up at a reasonable time, thank goodness because our room’s window opens onto the balcony where breakfast is served and the tour group got out there just before the start of breakfast and rearranged tables and started singing and laughing - lucky we were awake. Our taxi driver to Nukus was really nice and gave us a bit of a rundown on the countryside as we went through. The only odd thing was when he filled up with gas we had to wait outside a brick wall with other passengers, only the drivers could enter, not sure why, it is the first time this has happened. About 80% of the cars here run on gas so just about every ... read more
Aral Sea
Ship Graveyard
Aral Sea

Asia » Uzbekistan » Karakalpakstan » Moynaq September 14th 2015

We'd envisaged Moynaq being a dying, decaying ghost town but the reality was quite different. The population was bigger and younger than we'd expected and whilst there were quite a few abandoned buildings and not that many shops, restaurants etc there was plenty of activity. There are programmes underway to increase the number of newly created lakes and wetlands around the town and to offset some of the environmental problems caused by dust and sand from the dried up seabed. It's unlikely to ever again be the thriving place it once was but things look to be on the up. It was a pleasant surprise. The film, exhibits, and photos we were shown in the small museum really brought home the enormous changes that have happened to the Aral Sea over the last 50 years. Our ... read more
Town Sign
Ship Graveyard
Ship Graveyard

Asia » Uzbekistan » Karakalpakstan » Moynaq July 29th 2005

Morning comes and again relieves me from the agony of unsuccesful sleep. I am very much glad to pack my gear and move on, even though I know that our next night will be spent somewhere in the desert. We have a simple breakfast consisting of (you guessed it) tea, bread and noodles. Rustam arrives with the UAZ jeep and we pack our belongings and remaining water back into the trunk. We also bring along two matresses and some bedsheets from the hotel. It is a beautiful sunny morning, and already it is starting to get hot. We begin the day by inspecting the sights in and around Moynaq, starting with the nearby fish canning factory. It used to employ several hundred, running three shifts around the clock, canning and distributing various kinds of locally caught ... read more
Moynaq fish canning factory
Glory of the sea
In memoriam.

Asia » Uzbekistan » Karakalpakstan » Moynaq July 28th 2005

After giving up mosquito swatting around 2.30 and fruitless attempts at coherent sleep in this bake oven I am finally rescued by the first morning light. Otabek has had bedside visits by the little suckers too, and he looks about the way I feel. We moan and groan a bit before getting some sausage and eggs for breakfast in the hotel restaurant. Today's agenda has one item; we are to meet up with Rustam early morning for a drive to the airport. We'll then do the survey flight over the southern part of the Aral Sea that I have been fantasizing about for months. Getting to the airport is a simple job, and as soon as we arrive the derelict parking lot outside slowly starts buzzing with officials of various caliber from the airport and Aral ... read more
Hotel Nukus
Nukus Airport
Farmland near Nukus

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