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August 15th 2016
Published: August 15th 2016
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My stage 1. TDA stage 74. Distance: 125.7 Kms SubT. Kms 125.7kms Road Condition: 75% broken road/deep potholes25% decent bitumen. Weather: 39c blue skyTime in Saddle: 4:59:36 hrs Av Speed: av. 24.3 kph. Av Cadence. 72 RpmElevation: 450 m up; 750 m downCalories burned : >5000

First day done! Always a relief to get past it. Reasonable ride, started out at 5.45am, lunch @ 8.30am, camp 11.00am. Now sitting in the shade of a school building, with tent on the oval. Very hot, cloudless sky, however doesn't seem as burning as Australian sun. The scenery similar to that around Chinchilla, scrubby sandy, rocky ground. Melons are the crop, with plenty of road side stalls. Limited coke stops- 1. Every one is flaked out in the shade. Bird bath felt like the best shower, 'I don't expect much !!'

Setting up camp we were assisted by all the kids in the village. Very happy kids, laughing a lot, knew what they were doing in assisting in tent set up, inquisitive about the bike. Dinner is at five, sundown at 9pm, being up at 4am, I am now filling a little tired.

SCHOOL to BUKHARA. 14 AUGUST 2016. My stage 2 TDA stage 75 Distance: 142 Kms SubT. Kms 167.7kms Road Condition: 75% broken road/deep potholes, Crap!, 25% decent bitumen. Weather: 39c blue skyTime in Saddle: 6.18.00 hrs Av Speed: av. 23 kph. Av Cadence. 64 RpmElevation: 125 m up; 375 m downCalories burned : >5500.

Today was tough. We were up at 5am, breakfast at 5.30, on the road by 5.45 to beat the heat! Always find 2nd or 3rd day on the bike hard, I fall into a hole, so now the day has past, the next few days will be easier, hopefully! Developed aches in neck and shoulders, and an ache in the knee. Hopefully just the body adjusting! I was last in today, despite one of my faster days, 23kph average.

It was day 2 for me, day 75 for the others. They are all thin and strong, haha.

The scenery was much like yesterday, the roads much worse condition, all broken surface, deep potholes, and road work, different methodology to home, very little heavy machinery, a lot of men and donkey carts. Accounts for the road surface I think. People seem friendly enough, lots of toots and waves, and drink sellers are inquisitive. Arrived in Bukhara at 1.00 am, a little tricky, as my bike computer needs new batteries, so its data was jumping all over the place, and said I road 120kms, when the others did 142kms. I swear I rode the lot, although would have jumped on the truck if it passed me. Will put new batteries in tomorrow. An accurate odometer is required to find the way, as the instructions are very distance specific. It made for times of concern, but somehow managed to find the hotel. When I say the hotel name to a local, they look at me totally incomprehensibly. The hotel seems well placed for the historical action so will go exploring when it cools

. BUKHARA. 15 AUGUST 2016.

Rest Day. Another HOT one.

Went out early to explore the historical centre. This city is over 2000 years. The central fortress, THE ARK, was built in the 4-7 centuries. It offers a commanding view over a flat landscape, it was the residence of successive Caliphes. Other historic buildings of consequence are the Mosque used as a tourist bizarre, the Tower, an extremely tall Minaret, and the old town comprising old shops. Found an obscure bakery making fresh aromatic bread for 12cents, delicious. Unfortunately the internet is very slow, so doubt photos will transmit. Off to the border tomorrow, crossing into Turkmenistan on Wednesday. Very Hot temps are forecast.

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