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Asia » Thailand April 8th 2015

Um morguninn fórum við í hellaskoðun um 60 km frá Hua Hin. Á bakaleiðinni keyrði ég mótorhjól í fyrsta skipti og gekk vel, enda lítil umferð á þessu svæði. Um kvöldið fórum við svo til klæðskera og ég lét sauma á mig jakkaföt.... read more

Asia » Thailand » Northern Thailand April 8th 2015

Here I am again! I'm afraid that travelling means a lot more to digest and thus a lot more blogs for the upcoming months, so bear with me.. After a day of lazing around Chiang Rai and getting my bearings of the city, yesterday was a day filled with action! What started out as this guy I met at the hostel and me going on a biking trip to the white temple outside of Chiang Rai, quickly turned into a group day out with about 8 bikes cruising along the Thai roads. We set off early to rent bikes bikes and set off heading south. After a few nerve wrecking moments (I'm not used to sitting on the back of someone's bike and there was a lot of testosterone involved) things relaxed a bit and I ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok April 8th 2015

I've been to Thailand countless times but for some reason I've never even heard of the Ancient City Samut Prakan (also known as Mueang Boran). And as an avid photographer, I'm even more amazed that I didn't seek this place out long ago. Located just south of Bangkok, near where the Chao Phraya river empties into the Gulf of Thailand, this park was built by a Thai millionaire over the course of the last 50 years. Over 300 acres of land in the shape of Thiailand that displays...get this...miniature temples, gardens, monuments, sculptures, palaces, floating markets and much more, all in their geographical location. The scale of the monuments will still keep you in awe as some are still quite majestic in size and completely accessible. The price to get in is cheaper for Thai nationals ... read more
Ancient City Samut Prakan
Ancient City Samut Prakan
Ancient City Samut Prakan

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Krabi April 7th 2015

Had booked a tour for today to go and do a spot of kayaking. Its a popular way to see some of Krabi's history on its many waterways. Got picked up at 07.30 and had a nice chat with a couple from Bristol en route. After an hours drive we had arrived and after 1st stopping for a cup of tea - what else!? We met with the tour guide. Sharing the kayak with the guide this was gonna be an easy days kayaking! Heading off up the large river we made it to our first stop which was to see a huge collection of stalagmites and stalactites as we paddled our way through the caves. As we carried on we saw a kingfisher and some unusual fish that live on the mud banks. They're about ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Phi Phi Leh April 7th 2015

After having a good nights sleep and finding somewhere nice for breakfast I was collected at 11.00 for the afternoons boat ride. Walking down to the pier to meet up with the others we all climbed into a large wooden longboat and we were on our way. Stopping off for a spot of snorkelling here and there and visiting many beautiful islands - some packed with Chinese tourists ( wearing a life vest in about 2ft of water!) and monkey island our final stop was ko phi phi leh. Ko phi phi leh is the smaller sister island of ko phi phi don and is an uninhabited marine park that can only be visited on day trips. Its famously home to Maya bay ( the setting for the film The Beach) and was a perfect spot ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Krabi April 7th 2015

With not a huge amount to do on KO phi phi and not being one of those people that can sit on a beach and do nothing for days I decided to head back to Krabi. With Krabi being on the mainland its more of a central spot in which to visit other places from. Staying back in the same hostel I headed out for a fruit shake and some lunch before deciding my next move. Really being in two minds whether to book another boat tour for tomorrow or not I decided to - being highly recommended by the nice lady at the tour agency. Relaxing for the rest of the evening and walking the short distance to the food night market for some dinner I headed back to the hostel just as a heavy ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Krabi April 7th 2015

This morning I got picked up at 8.00 with a girl from Scotland and a girl from Birmingham also going on the same trip. After a 2hr ride we pulled up alongside 4 other minibuses full of tourists and climbed into 2 waiting longboats. As it powered its way out from the small jetty we passed many beautiful islands and made it to what they call 'james bond island'. Not ever being a fan I wasn't sure how id feel about seeing it, but it was actually quite stunning. The island features in The Man With The Golden Gun and was once part of a bigger island but through tidal corrosion has broken away. So the smaller part sits just 50 metres away from the main island. The main island is very small and full of ... read more

Asia » Thailand April 7th 2015

Um klukkan 10 um morguninn tókum við lest til Hua Hin. Þar fundum við hótel við ströndina og slökuðum þar á eftir mikið ferðalag síðustu daga. Um daginn leigðum við vespu og fórum á "fljótandi markað". Um kvöldið fórum við á næturmarkað og fórum svo út að borða. ... read more

Asia » Thailand April 7th 2015

-SP- La foto esta me costo 4USD, despues de haber pagado casi 20 por ir en elefante ya podian regalarla, pero bueno. De todas maneras creo que como recuerdo merece la pena, y la foto no es mala, verdad?... read more

Asia » Thailand April 7th 2015

This morning I came to a decision to travel south to Ko Lipe - id heard there are many sea gypsy people that live on the island and fancied the chance of going to see them. This meant getting a minibus to Trang and getting a boat from there to the island. A girl id been chatting to in the hostel last night felt at a bit of a loose end so decided to come along as well. Having to get on 2 separate minibuses we made the 2hr journey to Trang. Elizabeth ( French Canadian) was late leaving Krabi so I waited at the bus station for over an hour for her to arrive. We were then told that there are no boats to Ko Lipe from Trang! And that we would have to get ... read more

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