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October 8th 2011
Published: August 9th 2017
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Back to business, more countries, more photos, more adventures means more blogs. And I can hear you saying "He's traveling again!! Where the hell to this time?", and my response would be, "Yes, again!!!, this time South East Asia"
This trip will include Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos. A well trodden path but full of history, religion and changing landscape.
This time Anna will be with me for the whole ride and I couldn't be happier as this marks the start of our life together with out extensive breaks. I am hanging up those Skype headphones for once.

My plane trip to Bangkok starts off pretty bad, my plane is delayed for almost 3 hours as the previous plane delays our take off and then just before hitting the air we are forced back to the gate due to a mechanical fault, after conceding defeat in the fact that this delay has made me miss my connecting flight from Singapore to Bangkok, I managed to bring the stress level down as there was nothing I could do.
Upon arrival, I and many others who missed their connecting flights were taken care of and put in to a hotel for the night with free airport transfers and a meal and assured the first flight in the morning. I was happy that I was going to be landing only 30 min after Anna but it ruined my plans of meeting her at the airport for once. The night in Singapore I met Susanna and Elanor who were on my flight so we decided to take a walk around town, seeing some of the night life area which I had not seen 3 months previous. We stayed out for a while meaning that getting up in 3 hours to go to the airport wasn't going to be fun.
Relief and happiness set in as I ran in to Anna's arms just after immigration. A 30min taxi ride to our luxurious apartments that I had treated us to for a few nights. After India, everything is cleaner and less chaotic, so stepping in to South East Asian territory seemed easy to start with. Streets were clean, traffic was somewhat organized with little honking and the presence of constant foreigners (a surprising few with Thai partners), makes travel somewhat easier but not necessarily exciting. But I was surprised at how limited in speaking English some people are.

For some reason I had never got a second credit card unless I lost one in previous travels, and somehow I got lucky. This time I opted to get an extra card and it payed off. The morning of day two as we headed out for the day with a stop off at the ATM for cash and the damn ATM kept my card, argh! what a start. Lucky there was a bank branch just up the road, but they told me to call head office. So I called head office, reported it and waited for a confirmation call that never happened. No point in wasting the day for a call that was never going to happen, so we made our way to the river via the clean and reliable, but heavily packed metro system. Although the expanse of the tracks are limited to the east we were able to catch a boat up the river towards the infamous Kao San Road, with temple stops along the way.
Thailand is nice and cheap but probably the most expensive out of the main four countries, but I dislike the high currency denominations making you feel as though you are spending more than you think. The weather and temperature has not convinced me as of yet, but I do understand we are on the tail end of the wet season. I guess the heat and humidity will take some getting use to.

I love seeing and understanding a country's religion and I am well versed in Buddhism which is popular in the Asian way of life. Therefore each temple is unique and special and I was excited about seeing some of Bangkok's popular Buddhist temples, Wat Po and Wat Arun, both close to the banks of the Chao Phraya river. Wat Arun was an amazing temple with the main feature of the massive reclining Buddha, but looking around the fairly big complex you also see beautiful statues of intricate design and colour. The same can be said for Wat Po which is a short trip across the river. With its steep steps and great lookout points gives you a nice appreciation of these temples.
It was then up the river to the infamous Kao San Road, a backpacker mecca. Lined with plenty of restaurants, accommodation, massage parlors and plenty of stalls and shops for all your shopping desires. We stocked up on flags to add to our collections, ready top be sewed on to our bags.
We stopped off for a quick snack of fried cricket which tasted not too bad actually, although faces were pulled before and after. We hope to expand our taste buds to cockroaches and ants.
The sun was setting so we headed back to our accommodation to bathe in the luxury of a swimming pool with a view.

Day three and I had to call the bank again for the information about my card, I was told that it was at the bank but talking with the limited English speaking clerk it wasn't there and probably wouldn't be there for a few days. So we decided that they would hold on to it till we came back a week later from our trip down south.
So our few days in Bangkok were nice, but again it's a city and we are looking for the rural stuff, so we are headed south to the beaches and then up to the north. It's just a short 12hr overnight bus ride to Krabi and we will be relaxing in no time....

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