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July 28th 2016
Published: June 23rd 2017
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Usually when my phone shuts down, the Internet disconnects but it didn't last night so I heard the message come through just after 3am from Melissa. I had been waking up every hour or so anyway checking the time - I was going to sign on at 3.30am to see if she had arrived in Abu Dabi so she just beat me. She said she had struggled to stay awake on plane until she got her meal then promptly fell asleep so missed eating it!! She was hungry but airport food is so expensive she was going to wait. We messaged for about an hour before I went back to sleep.
Struggled to get up at 8am for breaky but I made it!!! Bananas again so we have a drawer full for lunch and snacks. Yummy.
We both sat on our beds on iPads and iPhone and newspaper. Mum made a few phone calls via messenger. She rang Rick but Dan answered so she spoke to him. Then mum got a missed call from Rick so rang him again then I think another call was made but we lost our 7 day internet access half way through that call. We were not running to reception right now to get a new code.

Off for a late morning swim before lunch consisting of out ill-gotten gains!!
Mum went for a sleep after lunch while I worked on travelpod's and looked at fb etc. finally decided to have a 30 minute snooze. Hadn't been asleep long when the phone rang. When I answered I got a 'Sorry. Wrong room' and phone quickly hung up. GO AWAY. I'M ASLEEP
Not long later there was a thumping on the door. Frightened the living day lights out of us. I jumped up then stood next to bed - it sounded like our door but maybe it wasn't.... The thumping came again. If it had been light knocking I would have just opened it. But being so loud I asked who it was. Room service!!!! As if we would order room service!!! I said no room service but for some stupid reason I opened the door anyway - despite not being able to see through the peep hole as they had back to me or something. Well - no - he had been covering the peep hole. There stood, with GoPro and iPhone video running, Peter and Rick. I think I said what the frick are you doing here!!!! They had dropped in for dinner!!!! Just passing by.... Well didn't that take some getting over. They arrived in Bangkok late last night (so possibly at airport when Melissa was there...) and stayed overnight near the Manhattan then caught a taxi down via the Train Market (didn't see train) and Floating Market (1000B each)
We went to the bakery up the road for a coffee/frappe/water and lunch for the boys. The video was put on fb and it didn't take long to circulate!! Comments, likes and shares ....... Then more comments...... Then more....
Headed back to hotel and went for a swim
Dinner at Dee Lek as other place we wanted was closed. Very nice - and slightly larger than the meal mum and I were expecting !! Mum and I sat there eating dinner still trying to comprehend what had happened.

Transcript of the video
P - Well here we are. G'Day Rick. We're at the Methavalai. Were on the other side. And Ricks got his Go Pro going.

R - Ready to go.

P – Turns out our room is two doors up from mum's so lets go and see
If she wants to go out for tea tonight (Knocking) (Knocking)

K – Who is it?

P – Please open the door

K – Why

P – Room Service

K – No. No room service here (I say as I open the door)

P – Yes Room service.

K – Oh F..k. What the hell are you doing here

P – Room Service

K – Fricken hell

P – (Laughing)

R – We were just in the area

P – Coming for tea. Can we have tea with you tonight? (More laughing) Well I think we caught Kate out swearing. We thought we'd come for tea. G'Day (Kisses Mum)

K – Hi

P – Oh that'd be Rick

R – You wouldn't answer your phone on the iPad so we thought we'd better find out and come and fix it

P – What's going on? Why haven't you answered the phone?

M – We've been asleep. What in the hell are you doing here

P – We've come for the weekend

M – I was only talking to you this morning

R – Yea

P – Well g'day Kate. This is all going on Facebook

K – Yea – thanks (mum stilled stunned)

M- Thanks a lot

P – Well at that point I think we'd better go and have a coffee before we kill me mother. Good night

Comments left once people had seen the video!!

Margaret Coney - Always one for surprises Pete.Lucky Mum didn't have a heart attack.Enjoy your time with her.x0 x0

Kathleen Maddock - That's great

Melanie Kinsey - Just the sort of thing you would do!

Miranda McHatten - Great surprise..the best!

Me - David and Sassi and Melissa you might get a laugh out of this!!

Peter murphy - Great work guys

Lisa Morgan - That is awesome ❤️

Stretch morgo - Dude you almost killed your mum! Haha classic

Cynthia Thiele - You guys are awesome!!!! Your Mum would be rapt, once she got over the shock, that is!!!!
Wayne Thiele - Be kind to your mother and sister, no more surprises..��

Natalie Adams - love it!

Gail Boyd - Poor Lyn - I thought she was going to have a heart attack, bet she's rapt now she's over the shock 😊 - have a wonderful time together. (seriously Peter you look so much like your Dad at the start of that )

Tanya fisher - OMG what a heat surprise guys! #family love xoxoxo

Donna Gade - That's beautiful! ....must say though Kate I'm horrified about the language and may need to reassess our friendship lol.....hope you
and your Mum are having a lovely time x

Barbara Minto - I love you guys! The most amazing family! What a fantastic surprise. Superb! You crack me up - love the removal of glasses at the beginning - both Pete and Rick. Have a great time. xx

Paul Tammesild - That's truly awesome guys!

Jayne Coney - When they asked who it was I just knew you were going to put on a voice & say "room service" have a great time xoxo

Norelle - How awesome!!!See you Wednesday .Looking forward to some heat!!!

Kate Mott - Beautiful!

Rosemary Cotton - What a classic. Your Mum was certainly surprised...shocked to be more accurate! Kate's response was a classic too!

Renee Francis - Priceless! Xx

Barry William Janes - No prizes for holding the camera steady

(Mum reply - A real shock!! They will be here till Sat. Week!! Will ring you when one of their phones are free. XXX)

Cathy Worrell. - No surprise parties for you that was classic

Peter also put this onto Heidi's wall
Happy birthday Heidi.
Hope you have a great day when you get there!
Have you seen the video I posted catching mum and Kate out...? Enjoy!!

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