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July 9th 2012
Published: June 23rd 2017
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After spending all morning deciding what we would do today and finally deciding on the going back to the fishing village, we went back on our idea thinking that we would get there at the same time as yesterday, so we changed our mind to the fruit and vegie market but we were going to be too late. Pa realised that he'd lost his beloved Men's Shed hat so I went into the restaurant to check but it wasn't there, Mum and Nana searched their room with no luck and I eventually spotted it behind the pool-boys desk; they had picked it up this morning. We dipped into the pool for a quick swim that ended up lasting for a few hours. While in the spa with Nana and mum, I spotted Nana's friends from Canberra Phil and Evelyn; I must admit I don't know how I knew it was them - I've never met them before.

Although it's irrelevant, I've been meaning to put this in the Travelpod for ages now. I kept thinking that I was dipping my hair in my dinner because it felt like straw at the ends but we have now worked out that it's the chlorine absolutely destroying it!

We had our first lunch with Nana and Pa in their room, sorry Pa, I have to add it, I asked Pa to hold my Fanta while I brought my chair in and he was quick to pipe up "Oh yes, I'll have some" I had no idea what he meant (naïve me) but I quickly worked it out when Nana and mum were rolling around laughing.

Mum and I went for a walk on the beach to fill in the afternoon, I was very happy not to go too deep into the ocean because I was stung six years ago (gee, time flies - that's incredible!) in the same location and was bitten by a bug on the beach but mum would barely get her ankles in; although she wouldn't admit it. While I went knee-deep but keeping a close eye on my legs to protect myself from jelly-fish mum stood being 'fascinated' by the tiny crabs (who still sting when the nip you). It was very low-tide when we were there although it seemed to be sand, water, sand, water; if that makes sense, but this didn't stop the banana boats who were roaring up and down. All of a sudden an amazingly huge clap of thunder went, it sounded for a good ten seconds and we could hear it go from one side of us to the other; I cannot describe how awesome or loud it was! While I took photos mum went back to the pool for a swim.

Back in the pool I was attempting to do somersaults, I must stress though, ATTEMPTING and not very successfully, I got water up my nose, in my ears, in my eyes (despite wearing goggles) and every time I came up proudly thinking I was successful mum would snort in derision and start laughing. Back up in the room Mum and I got on Skype with Dad, who amongst other things mentioned that Pink (his cat) had got in a fight and came home with blood on her; which doesn't surprise me one bit!

We all met down in the foyer with Phil and Evelyn to go out to Dee-Lek for dinner which as always was very nice but it is hard sharing five plates between six people as you only get a small amount of each dish. We asked the owner Dee Lek who referred to herself as Lek, who seems to only be there to translate, about the party last night to which she seemed delighted to answer. Apparently when a boy turns 20 he becomes a Monk for as little as three days or for as long as a few months. There is always a party beforehand where the boy gets his head shaved but is usually only small, but this boy came from a seriously loaded family (Mum seems to think he was Tony, a restaurant owner who never has any guest's, son). They do this to get into the afterlife, for good health and luck for the family and to become responsible, friendly and mature; which is a real contradiction to the dancers who were dressed in bikini's!

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9th July 2012

I WAS enjoying watching the crabs and I WAS NOT too scared to go deeper into the water!!
12th July 2012

The booming from the party music, was audible in our hotel room, but the lights were very pretty

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