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July 20th 2011
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We were very excited about Cents' (Laura) arrival. We travelled an hour to Puket airport, only to get a text from Cent saying she had just arrived at Heathrow!!! ....we got the wrong day! This was a sign of things to come!
The next day!! we picked Cent up, on our way to getting a ferry to Krabi! Once off the boat we found that beautiful Krabi was actually Koh Phi Phi...wrong island!
We went with it!! And asked for a taxi to our accommodation, only to find there were no roads or cars on the island! Following our eventful day, we were up for a big night out!! However, Kate had one bucket to many and ended up having a ride home in a luggage cart!!! She turned t-total the following five days! A classic comment from kate following the night (slightly worse for wear! , she got a bit burnt and declared she was looking rather "oysterish" I think the phrase she was after was "lobsterish!"
Phi Phi was eventful! Brumi decided to treat herself to a lovely long shower and consequently, without realizing the drain was blocked, created a moat around Kates' mattress!! We also decided to go and climb to Phi Phi's view point, which seemed like everest when we realized we were walking in the scorching midday sun! everyone laughed at us as they were walking down!! We also took a private long tail boat to go and see Maya bay where the beach was filmed, unfortunately it was slightly like a harbour, with deafening boat noises and stunk of petrol, but the rest of the trip was beautiful.
We finally got to Krabi, to decide we didn't actually want to stay there in the first place! so we thought we would conquer Koh Toa! We brought a ticket and were taken to a bus shack, which started filled with people, we were told there was no space on the buses, but despite this, everyone else got on the buses, bar us and two other people! Seven hours later after numerous card games and surviving a monsoon! the shack started to fill... we made sure the first mini bus we saw was ours! Ten minutes later we were standing on the dual carriageway with a tyre blow out! waving at the other buses go by!! Eventually! we made it to a night boat! and we were packed like illegal immigrants onto a cargo boat! Eight hours later we arrived at Koh Toa-which is known for its diving.
Therefore, we took a days boat trip to various snorkeling sites, which started with the captain fishing Cents' flip flop out the water, we had already drew attention to ourselves! We swam with sharks,nemos and had a family of dolphins swim round the boat! we had a great day, and kate turned rather oysterish!
We booked our ferry tickets to Kophangang, on the night before, feeling very lucky as the thai man told us we had managed to get the last three tickets! We realized how naive we were when yet again we were left at the ferry port waving everyone else off, as the boat was full! Five hours later, several card games later...with a swedish medical student (Christian) we left for Kophangang!!!
Christian joined us on our trip, Kate had luckily booked our hostel, as the island was full! We had pre-drinkies with some irish girls and went to the warm up party till 5 am!! Weather wasn't great but we were there to party! For full moon we neoned ourselves up! it was an awesome night! 7.30 am we were wondering whether to sleep, or carrying on partying till our ferry at 12-sleep won! Surprisingly, there

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