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April 2nd 2005
Published: April 2nd 2005
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I arrived in Khao Sok with Rebecca and Kerstin by way of an overnight ferry and an ordinary bus. On both we had some interesting travelmates, a group of monks were across from us complete with a pack of smokes, a cellphone and cokes. On the bus we had an unnamed Thai sit next to us on an otherwise empty bus, through much hand motions we discovered that I was King and carried a pistol because I was American. He gave the girls candy and when he didn't have any for me he insisted on giving me 5 baht so I could go to the 7-11.

Khao Sok is breath-taking, a Dam was built here nearly 20 years ago filling a basin that is at the foot of huge limestone cliffs and dense jungle. This area is home to the largest flower in the world, a beast that blooms for two months a year and smells like rotten meat to attract insects. It also has three large limestone caves, one of which were used by communist rebels in the 1970's and 80's. Kerstin, Rebecca and I booked a trip on the lake via longtail to lunch on a floating hut
In the VIP sectionIn the VIP sectionIn the VIP section

This man spoke no english but declared me king.
followed by a 4 hour hike to the Nam Tha Lu Cave. The cave took an hour to travel thru and was an absolute highlight, I just wish I had a bigger flash on my camera. On the way home I was given command of the longtail, pretty cool but the real reason was so the Thai driver could give the girls his version of a Thai massage. I plan to stay for 3 nights before going to Krabi; this area was cleared last week due to the new earthquake so I'll be interested in seeing what the attitude is there. Craig told me that it was possible to help with clean up on Koh Phi Phi, if I can find the Red Cross I will try to go there. Its been two weeks in Thailand now I know that it was a good idea setting aside a decent amount of time for this country.

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On the floating HutsOn the floating Huts
On the floating Huts

This was at the base of our hike, 12 bungalows floating on the river
captain seancaptain sean
captain sean

The longtail is 26 feet long and a pain to turn, they are all over Thailand.
A small corner of the caveA small corner of the cave
A small corner of the cave

At its peak the cave we went thru was maybe 40 meters high at as narrow as 3 meters making a swim across.

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