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February 12th 2009
Published: February 12th 2009
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With the advent of the Internet, it is no wonder that online advice on travel destinations has now become the number source for those planning their holiday itineraries. And once again, Thailand has scored well-deserved kudos from experienced and knowledgeable global travelers.
This time around, real travelers, have in the 2008 Trip Advisor's Travelers' Choice Destinations Awards, designated six Thailand destinations as among the best in the world and in Asia. Top ranked was the stunning Andaman island of Ko Phi Phi (Best in the World) followed closely by Bangkok, Krabi, Chiang Mai, Ko Phangan and Ko Tao which were all voted best in Asia. All the travelers who voted belonged to the Internet's most popular and largest travel community website

The award-winning, founded in February of 2004, ranks amongst the world’s top 500 websites with 30 million unique visitors a month, and assists some 20 million travelers from 190 countries a week to plan their vacations. Besides actual destinations, the website offers only real advice from real travelers on the best hotels, flights, restaurants, cruises and guides. This evidences therefore, that Thailand has proudly developed as a tourist destination in a variety of fields.

After the designations, Michele Perry, vice president of global communications for TripAdvisor put it “Whether it’s for their unique beauty, or abundance of attractions, the 2008 Travelers’ Choice Destinations Awards honor the most beloved destinations from around the world” And it is here that Thailand has once again excelled and proven its popularity as a truly amazing holiday haven with “exceptional places that enthrall travelers”

A location for Hollywood movies with silky sandy beaches, stunning views, colorful coral and crystal clear waters, the beautiful southern island of Ko Phi Phi Don has been voted as a Best Destination in the World by millions of knowledgeable travelers. And it is no wonder, since amazed backpackers first arrived on banana boats in the 1970s, Ko Phi Phi has been acknowledged as one of the most naturally beautiful islands in the entire world.

Travelers’ praise for Ko Phi Phi on the website is abundant; as one member Zorro from New Zealand recently commented “We loved it because to us the beaches were gorgeous, the food and people lovely as per Thailand way, the scenery was amazing like the crystal waters, the beach, the mountains either side of that narrow spit of land where the buildings are, we loved the laid back atmosphere”

The other five Thailand destinations which won accolades as a Best Destination in Asia, were:

o Bangkok
o Krabi
o Chiang Mai
o Ko Phangan
o Ko Tao

Shortly after being voted the Best City in the World by the New York based Travel & Leisure Magazine, the exhilaratingly vibrant capital city of Bangkok has once again received recognition as a great tourist destination, a city which literally never stops. Next up is the culturally riveting “Rose of the North”, Chiang Mai. This ancient province is famed for its plentiful tradition, amiable locals, cool weather and photogenic scenery.

Then, for those travelers who prefer a spot of sea breeze to elephant trekking, the delightfully dazzling mainland Krabi has emerged over the years as a true hotspot for beach-fads who love nothing more than soaking up sea & sand.

Taking the travel-world by surprise however, are the islands of Ko Phangan and Ko Tao which have dramatically transformed, over the past few years, into two of the most destined locations for those ‘getting off the beaten-track’.

Once a remote virtually unheard of island, Ko Phangan is now a backpacker legend renowned for its idyllic secluded beaches and world-famous full-moon parties; an island which has suddenly become the talk of every budget hotel and hostel around the globe.

Located just north of Ko Phangan, the island of Ko Tao is now one of the hottest diving destinations in Asia for those wishing to learn, marvel and experience this enthralling activity. Ko Tao is also synonymous with budget accommodation, delicious seafood and a charming nightlife. Traveladvisor’s very own review of Ko Tao writes “Drifting serenely in the Gulf of Thailand, the palm-fringed island of Ko Tao takes its name from the abundant sea turtles that reside on its shores…. and 300 days of sun invite long afternoons of lounging.

So, from surreal natural beauty, jewel-laden temples and picture-on-a-postcard islands to a renowned hospitality and robust cuisine, Thailand’s delightful combination of exotic attributes makes it a prime destination for both seasoned and newly heeled travelers.


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