15 Hours Worth of Random Thoughts While Riding on a Train

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July 31st 2008
Published: July 31st 2008
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2:30PM- Train departs Bangkok and heads north to Chiang Mai

4:14PM- Almost two hours in and only one city outside of Bangkok. It rained out and we all got wet! First card game of Quibbler begins. Courtney is already asleep

4:39PM- Kristin notices game is called Quiddler, not Quibbler

4:53PM- Meet a lovely Chiang Mai family of three who just moved here from Hawaii. Imagine that? So wild. Kristin is losing terribly to Christina and begins complaining that it's not fair she can use spanish as well as english words.

5:12PM- Man jumps off of train... yes, for real

5:30PM- Kristin attempts to pee in a squat toilet while on a moving train (Murph and Hagan, never come here). Macaela- leaning out window, Christina- writing, Courtney- sleeping

6:18PM- Kristin is made fun of for still carrying around her dictionary and thesaurus. (Author's note: words are strength and I make a vow to expand my vocabulary)

6:55PM- Kristin decides she will never cut her hair short again, unless she shaves it all off to save her from the heat,would give anything for a Jersey sock bun.

6:57-7PM- We all laugh endlessly at the woman trying to persuade Christina to buy seaweed Lady: 7 baht, you take
Christina: I don't want it
Lady: okay, 5 baht you take

7:24PM- Kristin thinks the fake IPod she bought in Bangkok is her best purchase yet. We all watch as the man turns our beds down

9:08PM- Kristin begins to feel the consequences of eating skittles and peanut m&ms for dinner.

11:21PM- Are we there yet?

12:02AM- Kristin feels sick of riding around in the top bunk on the worst train ride she has ever been on. (Think, raft on the water with a bit of pick up truck on a dirt road kind of feel)

2:41AM- Fell asleep for a few minutes and had a nightmare that she showed up at the wrong school in September, teaching a new grade completely unprepared, still smelling of her trip

3:00AM- Kristin smiles at Macaela, who is also still awake. We all make angry faces at a sleeping Christina

3:10AM- Kristin writes a poem: Trains, through the mountains, slow, slow, slow, when will it stop, when will the pain end

3:12AM- Kristin attempts to read her book, A Thousand Splendid Suns, but feels sick

3:14AM- Kristin is so excited for Kristen and Danielle's weddings

5:37AM- Train arrives at Chaing Mai

After a short nap we settle in and put up our nets, as the day bugs have already been biting. We are put into two seperate rooms for the first time of our trip. We made arrangements for the next three days: Jungle Trekking, Elephant Riding, Long Neck Tribe. We are all pretty excited.

We are off to grab a bite to eat before we attend our first Thai Boxing Match. We have front row seats and are a bit fearful we will be splattered in blood and/or spit. Let the games begin!

Thai Kho and Crew


31st July 2008

As I read this blog, it brought back memories of the boat ride to Mykanos when you and Judy managed to sleep on that awful boat - as I sat and tried to make all kinds of noises just to wake one of you up....now you know how I felt! The picture of the room made me laugh - fond thoughts of the "cement box". I guess I could never handle this trip - right????
31st July 2008

Did the man jump from the Train cause he didnt want to buy the Baht too? Should have been an option for Christina too.
31st July 2008

in addition to random thoughts...
today at 4pm est we will know mannys fate...just thought id keep you in the loop of the red sox news...he might be gone:(
31st July 2008

The BEST blog so far
Kristin, this one made me LAUGH out loud! Do you write these out before typing ? Or was this all from memory? I hope the boxing match is fun. Red Sox update-The boys are playing Bad, I mean VERY Bad. It's kind of sad. They are home and I believe only have won game on this homestand. We are in Second place 4 games behind the Rays and 1/2 game in front of the Yankees. Today is the trading deadline, and Manny has been misbehaving. He might be traded. Enjoy the rest of your adventure. I love reading your blogs!!!
31st July 2008

What the f???
In a 15 hour train ride you don't think of ME ONCE!!!?!?!?!? Not even ONCE?!????? Do you know how many times I've checked my email looking for a blog in the last 15 hrs????? Do ya??? Apparently not?? I can write a comment every time I do if that'll make ya think of me a bit?? Or at all!!!! Kristin Howell!!! Something is wrong with you. Not even Jaclyn???? Tell me ONE minute undocumented went to us??? You are killing me - six weeks gone, not one phone call, eating other peoples cake, not thinking of me. RRRR!!! Love and miss you - how about you???
31st July 2008

So sorry
I thought that train was so cool. Sorry I misled you. I hope you find the rest as great as I did.
31st July 2008

I hope the elephant doesn't pee while you're riding it! Kristin please don't get talked into buying a necklace from the Long Neck Tribe (I hear they don't come off)!
31st July 2008

Deep in thought...
Seems like your mind was racing as fast as the train. Hope you enjoy the next leg of your trip.
31st July 2008

What no candy on the Pillow????
Hi Kristin......and you call this vacation......a little R and R......(that is rest and relaxation) (Not roughing it and rough railroad).... I would have to report the guy who turned your beds down for not placing a chocolate and a flower on your pillow.....or at least securing the bug nets. Thanks so much for the blogs...what a different world and one I am glad to be able to appreciate through your eyes...I deffinately see a book deal in your future....I have put in a call to J.K. so she can set you up with her publisher...Take care of yourself...love and miss you!! Jane
31st July 2008

Kristin, don't you know that Carol and I can pee anywhere,anytime in anything.
31st July 2008

Elephant Rides
Oh my! I can't wait to see pictures. That sounds like so much fun. Not sure if you ever watched America's Next Top Model, but if you have, I expect photos like theirs. =)
31st July 2008

1st August 2008

Manny being Manny...
.......in LA! Manny was traded to LA Dodgers this afternoon Kristin. See what happens when you leave, Manny was so upset he left too!
1st August 2008

So you saw a suicide today? How depressing! I love K-Ho and miss you so much. I still can't believe you won't be at WWR this year. So sad. My rugs are coming tomorrow. 2116-Home missing my running buddy!
1st August 2008

Long ride aye...
If you got anything out of that train ride, I hope it was at least a chapter of A Thousand Splendid Suns.. One of the best books ever.. I want to see more pics though.. I love reading but I need more visual!! Be safe! We have girls night tomorrow and we will without a doubt be chatting about your blogs!!!!! You will be missed but we will see you in September!
1st August 2008

deep thoughts.. by Kristin Howell
Do you remember that Saturday Night Live Skit "Deep Thoughts"... well that was what this blog reminded me of. I found it rather entertaining.. I like how you're mixing it up a bit. I can't wait to hear about the elephant rides. I just saw an Animal Planet special on elephants.. they are the most amazing creatures. Kind of makes me a little sad that they have been captured and now used as recreation for tourists.. but enjoy your ride anyway. Don't forget if they get nasty.. they LOVE beer so keep some handy. Be safe.
2nd August 2008

You are all truly amazing!!! I am enjoying the blog and the details and sights of your adventure. I am sure you have experienced such growth during this trip. Stay safe!!! I am sure you will truly enjoy and look at differently a clean bed, hot, long shower, no bugs and/or mice when you sleep, and all the small comforts we take for granted. Have a great rest of the the trip!
4th August 2008

I thought I'd LOVE riding the elephant. I felt terrible and your little comment did not help. I could not believe how scared I was. I thought for sure I would want to become an elephant trainer in my spare time, but no way.
4th August 2008

Pictures, check! See what I can do. I may need to wait until I'm back in Bangkok cause the service there is way better.

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