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June 14th 2008
Published: June 14th 2008
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Koh Pangnan
Put it this way, after being on this island for one night I called up everyone I knew and begged them to come down here. Cancun move over, Brazil move over because Thailand just took over. In Thailand it’s just so easy to party, you don’t need to look for the party it’s just everywhere you look. We didn’t stay on the Haad Rin beach coast because the noise would have just took away from all the great work we do, so we stayed around the island at a place called the sanctuary. Great place, amazing food, good people - The Sanctuary is your perfect get away.

First Night on Haad Rin Beach

The first night we got there, the group decided to go to sleep early but I grabbed a boat with Takashi and we headed for Haad Rin beach. We checked in on Kung who was visiting his friends from Bangkok and then we hit the beach for a massive pre full moon party. Takashi and I danced our way around the entire beach finally bumping in Stephanie Prentice and her girlfriends from London. Once we were together, it was our turn to take over the beach and that we did. We found the highest place on the beach to dance, got on top, and gave the crowd a show. I love to dance, it’s just some thing I feel a great connection to, now I’m not of those people from “ so you think you can dance “ but I know I can feel a beat. But most importantly when I dance my heart and soul goes into it and people see it.

If there is one thing I have learnt on this trip is that you must always always always and if you haven’t noticed I'm stressing in always, remember the experience. On my youtube audition for the Smirnoff Ten I stressed that point, why do anything in life if you’re not going to remember it. So, I grabbed a boat back to my sanctuary. After a quick meal and a camera check John, Audette and I got together in Audette’s tree house for a little planning. We looked at a million things we could do for our full moon film and brainstormed our way into a really creative idea. I love it when we get together and work as a team towards one goal, it’s incredible how people’s minds from all over the world can come up with extremely creative material. After about 2 hours of planning out how our night was going to be we all got dolled up and headed for the Full Moon Party.

We got onto a speed boat and about 20 mins later we could see the coast of Haad Rin beach, as we got closer and closer we could hear the music getting louder and louder. We hit the shore and were overwhelmed by the amount of people that were there. It took me a couple of minutes to get my bearings back from looking around and seeing thousands of people - it has to the most international party I have been to so far. I know because I interviewed as many people as I could. Okay, so my job was to walk the beach interviewing people asking them key questions like… is the glass half full or half empty? Where are you from?, How do you think the full moon started? I have to tell you it was probably the funniest moment I have had on this trip. Nothing I have done up to date can beat that moment, people where coming up to me saying “ man you have the best job in the world” and you know what… I do. Thank you Smirnoff for giving me the opportunity to follow my dream, becoming a broadcaster, travelling the world and meting amazing people from every corner of this beautiful planet. So we did all our filming and got the Smirnoff Ten’s thoughts about being half way through the year. After that we sent our cameras back home and it was time to go out.!

With all the work done it was time it was time to have good night out, and I am one of those people that when I work I don’t drink -. Work comes first everything else is second, think about it when this is all over I’m going to need a job and I know Smirnoff is the best internship I could ask for so that’s why I am trying to get the best out of this experience and take this project to another level. It’s interesting how I jump from one thing to another… I guess being in this experience is making me a better person and making me realize a lot of things about myself I didn’t know prior to this.

So where was I? Honestly everyone needs to experience a full moon party, I danced for at least a good 10 hours and I would have gone longer but my body just said no. I started the night with Takashi, Kung, Luiza and Steph, we tried to keep everyone together but the full moon party is one massive beach with about 10 clubs/bars and about 5,000 people if anything more, so you try to keep 10 people together. Throughout the night I got to meet people from all over the world, a very lovely girl from Sweden whom I wish I took her contact, a gentlemen from Canada who brought back good Canadian moments, people from London, Germany, America, south America everywhere, the list just goes on and on but you get the point. Either way the night was basically the world coming together for one reason - the full moon party. At one point I was walking down the streets looking for food and I found this one place that had the best chicken burger I have tasted in a while and while I was waiting in line I meet these really cool cats from Australia whom I was like I’ve been there, I told them about my new years experience and the party in Melbourne called summer days and they knew what I was talking about. It’s so cool to talk to people about the places I have gone to especially when they are from there, it’s like I can relate to the world now. I got myself back to the party and showed up at this place called Club Raise, Kung was suppose to be Dj-ing and I wanted to see him doing his thing. Lucky for me when I got there he was just about to start and just before he got on I took a couple of pics of him excited to be playing in his home country at the biggest party of the month. As usual he played his famous drum and bass and people from all over the beach came to listen to him. While we were dancing I noticed the sun coming up and by the time Kung finished it was bright and sunny outside and everyone had his or her dark black shades on, thank God I took mine. I got home at around 10 and slept for the remainder of the day; all in all the full moon party surprised me in more ways other. It was an experience of a lifetime and I hope one day all be back for round 2.


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