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June 14th 2008
Published: June 14th 2008
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Why must you be so good to me? Why? Okay people I know I said this before but I’ll say it again - you all need to save up every single penny you have, if you need a second job, hell go get one because Thailand is the place to be.

Don’t skip on Ko Samui

Lets start form the beginning… the Smirnoff Ten took a plane from Bangkok to the island of Ko Samui, now a lot of people over shadow this place and go straight to Ko Phangan however, this is one spot you don’t want to miss. While we were there we met a Ko Samui club owner socialite who showed us around the place and took us to the local hot spots. First stop was a club called SOLO, it was half inside half outside and they had a Smirnoff party for us waiting when we got there. We had all our cameras ready to go and I was planning on doing some broadcasting while I was there, so with the help of Ania and Audette we got a lot of really good footage. We started by filming the venue, then we moved on to a fire show with bottles, and we ended it with a recap from the owner telling us about the nightlife in Ko Samui. What I didn’t know was while the fire show was going on he decided that I would be the perfect subject and got me to participate. I got on my knees and he placed a bottle that was on fire on my head, I was freaking out because while this was going on he was juggling behind me, but I wiped the sweat off my face and made it out alive. I remembering saying I hope you have body insurance, because the next day I saw the same act on a beach but the people kept dropping the fire, freaking the spectators out. Solo was fun and I got to meet a lot of great people that just wanted to escape the every day city life and hide out on an island while they sipped on their long island ice tea.

Ice Bar

The next day was another line up of clubs all over the island we started at this place called the Icebar and that’s what it is - a bar completely full of ice. We got inside and had a drink to warm up before the ice chamber, now before you go into this place you literally need to put on a winter poncho and gloves. The room was below zero and after about an hour of being in there I couldn’t take it anymore, there was a guy from the National Geographic taking pics of us so I tried my hardest to put on a warm smile. The ice bar is more of an experience then anything else, it’s a nice place to cool off and see some beautiful ice sculptures imported from no other then my homeland Canada. The drinks are served in an ice glass, the music is low enough to have a conversation and it’s a nice way to get away from the Thailand humidity.

After the Ice bar we went over to Chaweng Beach where all the clubs are central located, its just one club after another after another after another. Better than that, the clubs overflow on to the streets so the main road becomes a massive club surrounded by clubs, confused? Yeah so am I. Anyway maybe the pictures can explain. That night was amazing me and Luiza danced our all night, and everyone around us just wanted to know why we were so happy and excited. If they only knew the Smirnoff Ten! Akona, Ben and I found ourselves in another club that was so big you could get lost in it, we all met some really cool people and they joined us for a late night dinner. The phone rang and no other then Ania was looking for us waiting to go home, after our conversation and meal, that’s what we did.

Altogether Ko Samui is an amazing stop off from Bangkok before Ko Phangan!


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