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April 10th 2007
Published: August 6th 2007
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So much for popping into the water to cool off…it’s more of a bath really. Not that we’re complaining!

We spent out first week on Koh Samui Island, then the second on Koh Tao.

Ko Samui

We stayed right on Chaweng Beach - the busiest stretch of sand on the island. The sun shone down on leathery bodies every day - it’s insane how black some people become. For all of you who think I go dark…you should see this beach! I’d be very average in the colour stakes. You can spend hours just watching people - young kids making sand castles, men with big pot bellies drinking - yep you guessed it! - beer. Old topless ladies (sagging), young backpackers drinking cocktails (if you kept switching beach bars you could follow happy hour around all day) & pretty much everyone else you could imagine.

While you're eating at cafes on the beach people come around putting monkeys or commodores on you trying to earn money taking your picture. ($8 for 1 stingy-sized instant photo, i'm suprised so many tourists do it!). There were even girls challenging tourists to games of connect four - the best of 6 games
Shark Island watersShark Island watersShark Island waters

This was taken before a shark my size swam by!
wins. If the tourist wins, they pay the girl $4 & likewise. You can imagine how many sneaky tricks the girls have up their sleeves! An imaginative way to make a few bucks though...I'd definitely award them a few brownie points for the idea!

Koh Tao

is a smaller, more isolated island, 1 1/2 hours by ferry from Koh Samui & is renowned for its diving. Another thing on my list of things to do...a diving course in Koh Tao next time I'm in South-east Asia!

We stayed at "Rocky Resort" in Shark Bay. Our bungalow was on stilts right over the sea. We could watch huge schools of black tipped reef sharks swim past - about 2m from our balcony - while we were scoffing fresh mangos for breakfast. I looked at them every day doubting I would have made friends with them if they were any bigger! Then on our last day we were out snorkelling & there was a shark as big as me!
They're meant to be harmless, but when their instincts kick in at night i'd be really wary of them. We met a spanish guy who had been fishing at night & on the way back 10-15 sharks came at him because of the blood from his catch!

We hired a kayak for a day to explore other beaches not accessible by land & found heaps of gorgeous swimming spots, bungalows and cafes tucked into cute little bays. The kayak would have been older than my great great great grandmother if she was still alive. And the paddle was even more ancient! It was so heavy it could have been used by people doing benchpresses in the gym! But we did get a fantastic upper body workout, so we were happy!

We're flying to India in a few hours. Wish us luck - the lonely planet says you'd be "a mad dog" to travel through Rajasthan in the summer & average temps. are often around 45 degrees. Argh!

Additional photos below
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Biggest pack in ThailandBiggest pack in Thailand
Biggest pack in Thailand

Maybe I should have left the hairdrier and encyclopedia at home

Koh Samui
Chaweng beachChaweng beach
Chaweng beach

Koh Samui
A few too many beersA few too many beers
A few too many beers

This man is not in the minority! Koh Samui
Fresh seafoodFresh seafood
Fresh seafood

Fresh seafood is displayed in old dingies in front of all of the beach restaurants. You can choose exactly what you'd like & have it whipped up into something scrummy in the kitchen. Sometimes I wish I liked seafood!
Shark baitShark bait
Shark bait

Shark Island
Dive boatDive boat
Dive boat

Koh Tao
Flipping outFlipping out
Flipping out

Attempting to put both feet in the air with flippers..it really is alot harder than it looks!
Long-tail boatLong-tail boat
Long-tail boat

The local taxis on Koh Tao

Thai New Year celebrations..an excuse to get drunk and have huge waterfights

16th April 2007

looks fantastic
always great to read, please photograph hot chicks as well. thanks
17th April 2007

god i am jealous
Well looks like you are having a good time. look at you swanning around giving it the bond girl look!!!!Tell you what I could handle sitting around on that beach working on my beer belly. Anyway take care look foward to more updates...
17th April 2007

Hi kiddo. The boys think your adventure in Thailand is great and as I have also been to Koh Samui I know the water is bath temperature and the massages etc are cheap. I loved it there. You go girl as it sounds like you are having an absolute ball - xx Cheryl,Sam,Jack
18th April 2007

Well it all looks very inspiring, and you look like such a smith, I think the martig in you is fading away.

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