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December 8th 2006
Published: December 16th 2006
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yahooo Steph made it to Thailand a couple of weeks ago so we shot straight down to an Island in the South called Koh Pah Ngan to put our feet up and work on our tans. it was magic. we rented a scooter(A.K.A Pete the pusser) and hooned around till we found a cute little bungalow on the west side of the island which was right on the beach and had sweet sunset views for us to enjoy everynight from the hammocks on our deck. we didn't achieve a lot, accept a morning swim before breakfast every day which I was pretty proud of. we enjoyed a lot of the local food, swim time, nap time, drive time, dream time... raged it up at the Full moon party aaand got a tan so I'd call Thailand '06' a success so far. we're up in the north now, but here are some island shots to get you all jealous as you wind down at work for the year. and for anyone who doesn't know Steph yet, she's my girl. x

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Ferry graveyardFerry graveyard
Ferry graveyard

not what you want to see at the start of a 3hr boat ride
Steph heading over to Koh MaSteph heading over to Koh Ma
Steph heading over to Koh Ma

we tried snorkling here a few days later but a storm had stirred up all the water and we didn't get to see much.
another lovely beachanother lovely beach
another lovely beach

to make all you work aholics drool
night food marketnight food market
night food market

with new Finnish friends Peter and Sarah
no nameno name
no name

thats what this dish is called. you find it all over Thailand and it is delicious!
Steph attacks russSteph attacks russ
Steph attacks russ

to any fans of the dreads out there, I dont know how long they're going to last...
giant kinagiant kina
giant kina

we were pretty dissapointed with the snorkling but these were pretty cool. just dont stand on them - ouch!

16th December 2006

go back south and go to Phi Phi! You will miss out big time if you don't!!!! Have a very happy christmas and merry new year my dear russ! xxx T
25th December 2006

Merry Xmas !!! my friend !!!
Mery Xmas and holidays from Colombia (Medellin), I allways remember you and I enjoy your travels and adventurers , you have the travel in your blood man !!!!! My best wishes for u , and good luck in all your tricks and greetings to Bangkok . from Alin (or Enrique) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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