Day 33: Foot Cramps with A Vengeance

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October 31st 2018
Published: October 31st 2018
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Yeah it’s another one of those days.

To be honest, we didn’t do anything in the morning. The heavens opened until after lunch and we decided that instead of braving the weather in the dreaded ponchos, that it would be better to ride it out. We had bought cornflakes and milk from a local shop the night before as a cost cutting measure, so had breakfast ready and waiting. The rain cleared at about 1pm and after sourcing a kebab for lunch, we set off to Katthu waterfall. This was a 10k walk along the main road. On top of this it also involved a super steep hill with winding corners not especially designed for pedestrians. Keeping tight to the edge of the road and praying that the motorcyclists were aware that the white line a yard in from the ditches meant keep out (they didn’t, it was heart stopping), we navigated our way from Patong, to Katthu, and then on to the waterfall. We did walk past the wakeboarding centre (didn’t bring our swimming stuff) and the Flying Hanuman (one of the highest rated zipline sites on the continent, which was far too expensive) on our way to the falls. After 400 steps up we had arrived at our destination. The waterfalls were the best we had seen so far, offering multiple viewing points for free, and even places where people could take a dip in the water. Well we think we would have been allowed, but we were put off by the rather sickly couple in a rather compromising position underneath the falls as we walked by. Get a room kids.

Another 10k later and we were home, thankfully just beating the darkness. We decided we had earnt a substantial meal and sought a restaurant for dinner. We dodged the large JungCeylon shopping centre and headed past to a quieter road of restaurants, picking one almost at random and entering. Again this meant noodles for Meg (I think she’s had enough of them at this point but Thailand isn’t particularly vegetarian friendly and we’ve got another 2 weeks to go so…) whilst I had potato and chicken stir fry. Back to the hotel for movies and bed.

Steps: 32,683


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