Why you should stay at a Beachfront Villa in Thailand

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October 21st 2018
Published: October 21st 2018
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A magnificent villa with a view to match, an oceanview luxury villa should be your next stop! Incredible see views. Great sea breeze. Lush surroudings. Incredible locations. What more could a vacationing soul want? Are you looking for a great vacation experience in Thailand? If so, booking an oceanview luxury villa should be at the very top of your list. Such villas offer comforts, breath-taking views of the ocean, luxury and privacy while situated on a hill perch, mountain side, and cliff or next to the beach. The beachfront villas in Phuket for instance, offer stunning views of the surrounding ocean waters, beautiful beaches and amazing gardens among other views. Aside from these incredible sea views, these oceanview villas also include amenities and services offered in other luxury villas as well making it ideal for people who want to combine luxury and the therapeutic effect of an amazing view. Here are the benefits of staying at an oceanview luxury villa in Thailand:

1. Waking up to a stunning view

Oceanview luxury villas in Thailand offer a great view with the break of the first rays of sunshine every morning. The breathtaking sight that meets your eyes is magnificent to behold as this encompasses a tropical sky, the clear sparkling ocean and views of islands that will definitely give you the best start to your day.

2. Enjoy the sea breeze

While some may be put off by the misconception that Thailand’s tropical weather translates into warmth and humidity and hence less interest in going outdoors, a beachfront villa in Phuket will disprove this misconception. Since most ocean-view luxury villas are elevated, the fresh cool sea breeze is a constant gentle occurrence that will make your pour yourself a drink and relax outside!

3. Amazing sunrise and sunset experiences

Do you enjoy watching the sunrise and sunset? If you do, renting an oceanview luxury villa in Thailand will treat your eyes to an unforgettable sunset or sunrise. This tropical sun on the horizon viewed from your window or your balcony, or while on edge of the pool or the poolside will be definitely a sight to behold.

4. Exclusivity and privacy

These amazing villas are great if you are looking for comfort, relaxation and rest they offer exclusivity and an unmatched privacy. This is because they are often situated at the mountains and hills and are far from the crowded tourist spots. The exclusivity and privacy are the added advantage due to the surroundings comprising of lush green hillside forests.

5. Cross the viewpoints off your list

Renting an oceanview luxury villa in Thailand, such as a beachfront villa in Phuket, will help as it is in itself a viewpoint attraction from which you can enjoy sweeping magnificent ocean views, and views of beaches, islands, mountains and towns and hence, having crossed the viewpoints visit off of your list, you can dedicate the time saved to enjoying other attraction points in Thailand.

6. Great for unwinding

Oceanview luxury villas offer a great opportunity for you and your loved ones to relax and unwind in luxury and tranquillity due to the sea breeze, stunning sea views, and great location hence, making staying here the perfect escape when you want a getaway vacation.


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