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April 13th 2006
Published: April 15th 2006
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Well, today was Thai new years day, we had been warned about the excessive use of water and flour as a way of celebrating!!! WE did encounter some interesting locals who were enthusiastic to share their water with us... read on....

After a lovely nights sleep in our floatel, we went to Erawan waterfalls which is a national park. we went in the back of the jeep thing again and got really really dusty. along the way, we were drenched by kids throwing water at us - it was great cos really cooled us down!!! We arrived at the park and it was a three hour walk there and back to the seventh waterfall, and it was mega busy with locals as its new years day! It was lovely thouh, but was a mega hot day - chris trooped onto the seventh waterfall, and i stayed at the third whih was lovely and cool - i swear i got bit by a spider though, cos have got a mega blob on my leg. Chris went swimming in the pool and said it was soo nice and cold! There were fishes nibbling toes and massive spiders. met a girl from BRamhall stockport. Loads of lovely butterflies.

We then went back to the kitti raft and had lunch - yummy nooodles. Then we chose to go back to hotel again as its so nice, washed our clothes, constructed a washing line of shoe laces, and then chilled in the pool again. We then had all you can eat buffet for tea which was well nice, and then packed our bags for the next day. Early start, so early night!

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