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July 7th 2008
Published: July 7th 2008
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Well off we set at the unearthly hour of 7 am (dont they know we're on holiday???)

A long, boring drive which culminated at the ww2 memorial ground, kids NOT impressed. I was astounded to see how touristy the town had become in the last 18 years but we walked swiftly past the hawkers and walked across the bridge only to be called off coz a train was approaching. Much to gabs' dismay however you can stay on the bridge to the side of the train but mother who follows rules had already hearded her off. Very HORRID (your word Jacob!) to think of all the men who died on the very spot we were stood on all those years ago, killed by their own army! We all felt a bit wierd but the throngs of tourists around us just seemed to see a photo opportunity?!?

Back on mini bus now MAAAAM....lunch at a roadside shack which was yum then the tiger temple. BUT it rained (well it is rainy season) and the tigers are definately NOT drugged, They HATE the rain and were very restless to say the least! as the throngs of people joined the q it was decided that it was too dangerous to let us in with the animals. However all was not too much of a disappointment, the main monk from TV came to walk the larger tiger out of the canyon and we got to walk with him and lead the creature (OK it was brief). The animal was beautiful but did not feel anything like I expected it to.

We spent the night on a river boat which was awesome...overlooking the bridge in the middle of the jungle. We had our own balcony where we sat at sunset and enjoyed the sounds of nature knowing we were safe in our sealed little room!

Today we went rafting (with life jackets, Gary!). Our guide was about Jay's age which didnt instil confidence but he was a star! Then jay and I nearly chickened out of the elephant trek but hopped on at the last min and are feeling v brave.

Chat soon...

The Guscotts three!

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7th July 2008

Is jay now the tallest or was it a camera illusion?
8th July 2008

Wow !! You all get braver by the minute, loads to see and feel and touch and learn. Miss you all. M.
8th July 2008

You looking great Dani - all 3 of you
Am glad you are enjoying yourself - are you not the brave one - going rafting again - I seem to remember the last time nearly ended in tragedy. Good to see you smiling - and the children ( well young people ) - look as if they are having a ball. Don't get lost on a mountain will you and go looking for a house to knock on lol
16th July 2008

Have a lovely day, it doesn't get better than being with the people who mean the world to you and in a place where you always wanted to take them. Love 'n stuff, M.

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