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Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Hua Hin December 11th 2013

So today I arrived in Cha-Am – my so far longest day trip of 54 km. My ass is in real trouble and I have to get some laundry done (already had to turn around my underwear J) so I decided to stay here for another day. I took no pictures along the road, had to focus on pain and made many breaks. At one point I met a pickup truck that was going slowely, searching for recyclable rubbish along the road. I just hung on to it with my arm and let me pull for some minutes. Riddle of the day: how did the driver react when he saw me hanging to his truck? a) shouted and was angry (german style) b) pushed the throttle to get me off (Spanish way) c) was completely happy ... read more
Cha Am beach

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Hua Hin July 30th 2013

Geo: 12.569, 99.9524On leaving Kanchanaburi I visited the War Cemetery which sadly is a vast affair which stretches out in memorial to the many POW victims who died on the Burma Railway. There are around 7000 victims buried here who are mainly Australian, British and Dutch, two of the graves alone hold the ashes of 300 men who were cremated, and a plaque details 11 Indian men.  Next to the cemetery seems to be a Chinese cemetery and there are many more of these on the way out of town however many appear to be more mass graves… Getting off the main route I headed into the mountains on the opposite side of the river and was rewarded with stunning scenery, interesting monuments which seemed to be in groups, massive staircases up the mountain with my favorite ... read more
My spot for a while

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Hua Hin March 2nd 2013

We walked to Naoori India but it was closed. We found the next closest place which happened to be an Australian pub and ate there. It was ladies night so all food I ordered was half price. We started with these amazing handmade fries. Soooooo good and then my sweet and sour chicken arrived. Which was not sweet or sour at all and tasted like chicken cooked in ketchup. My worst meal yet. At least the fries were good. And the banana pancake place in Ko Tao was the best yet. Mmmmmm bananna nutella pancake. Anyways, after dinner we found some live music to listen to and had a few drinks at the beach. I call this island the Jack Johnson island. Everywhere we seem to go Jack Johnson music is playing and the hippy vibe ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Hua Hin August 11th 2012

The first night in Hua Hin we stayed in Memory GH and it had the smallest, most uncomfortable bed so far! We arrived fairly late and went straight out for dinner on the pier. I had mussels for the first time and Crab and loved it! Early the next morning (5am) we were up and organising how to get to Jordans fishing trip. Eventually we were picked up by a man called David Wilson (who's brother is apparently a hit in the angling world) and driven to GreenField Valley Fishing Resort. 5mins after arriving Jordan was hooking into his first catch of the day - a Amazon Redtailed Catfish. Throughout the day Jordan caught: Redtail Catfish X6 Baramundi X1 Walking Catfish X1 Pacu X6 Siamese Carp X6 See Photos! HOWEVER... he did not catch the fish ... read more
Yummy yummy all gone...
Beach at night
Fishing time

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Hua Hin March 10th 2012

To break the journey to Bangkok we had decided to stop overnight Surat Thani in order to catch the train to Thailand’s oldest beach resort: Hua Hin. Booking 2nd class train tickets, on the express train to Bangkok, on-line suddenly made train transport so much easier and worked a treat. The train ride was relatively comfortable and the free lunch and afternoon tea and cake were a pleasant surprise; maybe a lesson for British Rail!On arrival at Hua Hin Chris was pleasantly surprised to see a rather lovely looking 18 hole golf course, which had apparently been expanded from the original 9 hole golf course commissioned by Rama Vi in 1922. Hua Hin has a couple of claims to fame, which sets it apart from other Thai towns. The first is that the Thai royal family ... read more
Olde Worlde
Nice but noisy
Not bad beach

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Hua Hin January 7th 2012

The two hour boat journey over to Chumpon from Koa Tao was the roughest boat ride we’ve probably ever had. Fortunately we weren’t sick and managed to get onto the coach for our four hour trip up to Hua Hin. Once we arrived in Hua Hin, we dressed up our bags in tinsel and put our xmas hats on, before we got a tuk tuk to Kris’s house. When we arrived Kris was in the garden hosing down the driveway, and just laughed his head off when he saw us. It was so good to see a familiar face. Over the next couple of days we just chilled around Kris’s house with Ann Kris’s step daughter and Abi his three year old daughter. Oay his wife was in Bangkok working and wasn’t due back until Xmas ... read more
in a tuk tuk with Abi
Hua Hin beach
Papa Johns steak house with Kris's family

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Hua Hin January 2nd 2012

2nd January ’12 Bangkok to Hua Hin Got up for the breakfast buffet banquet then packed up and made our way to the station. We did have reserved seats as the only tickets left were 2nd class, so there was no mad rush but the train was in so we got on only to find people in our seats. Their mistake so no problem and they were very apologetic and pointed out that they had cleaned the seats! The carriage was wooden with all the windows open and ceiling fans so it was nice and cool once we got going. Straight away Howard was back in little boy mode all bouncing around and excited. He kept wanting to stick his head out the window but as the buildings were so close to the train track he ... read more
Hua Hin
Hua Hin
Cha Am

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Hua Hin December 30th 2011

From PKK we took a minibus to the seaside town of Cha Am, just North of Hua Hin. When the bus dropped us off on the main road we looked along the road to the beach and decided it wasn't too far to walk. With our packs on it turned out to be an optical illusion. It was miles!!! Nevertheless, we persisted, but when we got to the seafront we checked into the first hotel we found. Big mistake, it really wasn't very good!!!!!! Whilst we felt that Hua Hin was like Magaluf, Cha Am was more like Blackpool. There was one long strip of restaurants with a few hotels, a nice promenade area with shady trees and and enormous sandy beach. They were setting up for the New Year celebrations and one of the problems ... read more
The Bright Lights!
Long, long beach
Fishing boats

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Hua Hin December 30th 2011

Yesterday we arrived at the Sheraton Resort in Hua Hin for a day and half of rest and relaxation. The sky has been crystal blue and the temperature perfect. The pool was a little cool but we did stick our feet in for a bit. We spent yesterday afternoon on our balcony enjoying the peace and quiet. I worked on the blogs and Jason did some work. Never a break for him, even works on vacation. We went into town last night to yet another night market. The area is famous for its seafood and it did look good but we had plans to eat at the resort for dinner. We picked up some final items at the market and headed back to the resort. Today we spent the day hanging out by the pool and ... read more
Night Market
Beach Jason

Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Hua Hin December 23rd 2011

We took a minibus from Kanchanaburi to Hua Hin. Expecting it to be full of backpackers heading for the coast, we were surprised to find it was full of Thai families. We wonder if they paid a little less than we did as it was a bit on the pricey side at 400 Baht (£8) each. Some agencies wanted to charge us extra for our bags too! It wasn't a bad journey but the driver had no idea where to drop us off and we didn't know where we wanted to be dropped off! A recipe for disaster perhaps, but he stopped at a major intersection, pointed one way and said "Beach". That was enough information for us to sort ourselves out. Our initial impression was that we had arrived in Thailands version of Magaluf, a ... read more
Hua Hin's historic train station
Pictures of the King with foreign dignitaries
Old railway carriages

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