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February 24th 2017
Published: February 24th 2017
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Wednesday 22nd February

Woke after a fitful sleep. Temperatures feel a lot hotter than normal, with humidity levels also increased.

Not much of an agenda today, we are on our wind-down for Monday's journey back to Cyprus. We do, however, need to visit the Bangkok Bank for some pocket-money. Tomorrow we are off fishing again to Hua Hin, and we have also booked a special Sea Bass Dinner locally here in Khao Khalek. The Bank is on the high street in Pak Nam Pran, a mere mile away, so we ditch the car and opt for bicycles. The breeze we create as we ride along is hot and dry, and also today, there is a noticeable head wind, so an easy decision not to do a 12-miler like yesterday. Banking done, we return via the beach promenade. Pak Nam Pran was a very laid back simple fishing village with an unmade, rough surfaced beach road until two years ago when massive investment brought a 2-lane good tarmac road, complete with bicycle lane and pedestrian path for a good four/five mile stretch. Whilst that makes easy commuting all the way to Khao Khalok at the tip of the beach, it has also had a massive effect on the unsophisticated beach-front tiny bars and restaurants, who have had to literally take a step back from the seafront, to the other side of this new road/pathway stretch.

We both feel that perhaps this is progress, but not in a positive way Possibly the development was due to the Late Kings patronage but with his passing there seems to be a vacuum, like the Debutante all dressed up for a party and no where to go. We would loved to have been here 'before' improvements were made. On speaking to a couple of these proprietors, we gain the impression that business was a lot healthier beforehand. Not only for Mr sing's, who is very popular, or the 'Very Good' Restaurant, or indeed for the Bamboo Beach Bar, where Jane is preparing a special Sea Bass Dinner for us this evening.

So, lazy afternoon with books, and a bit of a spruce up with a bit more effort than usual, before driving the couple of miles along aforesaid beach road for Dinner. We have eaten very lightly, so arrived with empty stomachs, and good appetites. Fortunately! We took a few photos as the meal was delicious in terms of sight, smell and taste! Jane had previously decided to serve Chicken Wings as a starter. Paula dubious, as never, ever cooks/buys/orders/eats chicken wings - anywhere in the world - but these were delicious. They were plump (like small legs), tender and coated with a delicious sweet and salty, sticky sauce, Gone! Main course, steamed Sea Bass arrived at our table on a metal type of bain-marie, only it was heated by charcoals from below. Dressed with lemon slices, garlic slivers and chilli, it was perfectly cooked. The accompanying dishes were sizzling vegetable platter and a dish of stir-fried special rice, which included King Prawns, Chicken, pineapple and much much more.

We hope we did justice to the meal, but didn't quite finish it all. Just wish we could replicate this food back at home. There was nothing much else to do except thank our Hosts and meander home to relax and unwind at home.

Lovely Day, Lovely Food.

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