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February 7th 2017
Published: February 7th 2017
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Sunday 5th Feb

Exploring the coast to Dolphin Bay Light Breakfast then off to explore the coast line to Dolphin Bay by car. Roads here are so quiet that even a novice would not be phased. Passing Khao Kalok beach we round the headland and join the Kings scenic road, mostly freshly laid good Tarmac road, it's a little windy but doesn't spoil the enjoyment with ever changing views of the nearby Mountain range which we presume is the border with Myanmar . After 30 minutes we arrive in Dolphin bay the main restaurants and bars are close to the far end. We decide to park up and have lunch first, we choose the Meaw seafood restaurant which is mentioned by Rick Stein, famous enough for it's seafood. We choose, Spring rolls, Tempura Prawns and Morning Glory as a light lunch. It was delicious and cost pennies, lunch over we beach comb before swimming, however on entering the sea we notice buried Sea Creatures which are probably Urchins but could be Jelly Fish. Just braved a quick splash, then out. Afternoon waning, we drove towards our home, stopping at Khao Kalok enroute to watch the beach stadium being erected for Beach Music Festival, looks very professional with massive sound system. Bet the beach rocked that evening. We did spot and photo one quite large dead jellyfish on the sands, which told us we should swim with care here. Trouble is mostly old wrinklies like us here, so think the promoters might loose some money here if they're hoping for a large number of party animals. We noted that there were a lot more people on the beach than on our last visit, mostly families, all eating and enjoying beach life. Called in at local Tesco Lotus for essentials. Cheese wine and biscuits on the terrace, with a platter of cherry tomatoes and spring onions, completed our evening. Using mosquito coils as quite a few biters around, just an indication of the warm balmy evenings.As a footnote, pleased to see our perceived view about air pollution in this region seems groundless and after Thursday's rain the skies have been fairly clear.

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