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Asia » Thailand » Southern Thailand » Yala January 15th 2016

Everyone told me it is not safe to travel down that area in southern Thailand, yeah....I did a quick search on line and nothing but bomb explosion on the news in the past for Yala region, although not any recently incident, it still chopped down a worrying mark on my mind, so when I took the train to Yala after a short stay in Hat Yai, and I was riding with couple of military in the same compartment, suddenly I remembered those news I'd read..."the extremist mostly targeted the army and military". ou..oh...just when I was mumbling why they had to sit in my compartment but not the others, then I saw the approaching train from the opposite direction... there were military stationed in every compartment!!!! glad I didn't made a fool of myself by carry ... read more
Betong Panorama
night scene in town

Asia » Thailand » Southern Thailand » Yala January 27th 2011

Today's distance: 60km Total distance: 329km Time on bike: 3.5 hrs Things didn't go quite according to plan today, but whatever, it seldom goes to plan on the road. It's like teaching, you make the plan, have a a general idea where you're going and the trip/lesson goals -- and then things change along the way. As it turns out Sungai Kolok and Betong (where I am now) are two border towns with similar characteristics. As far as it goes, Malay tourists cross the border and spend their cash on the karaoke bars, raunchy nightlife, and other such pleasures. In Sungai, the Islamic fundamentalists are not happy with this reality, and locals have told me the town was actually the base of where the insurgency was planned! Wowsers. Their stated or unstated goal is basically an ... read more
Afghani Money
Blue Mosque

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