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Asia » Thailand » Southern Thailand » Songkhla January 18th 2013

Visit to Patong Beach, Phuket Island at our 14 Night Gems of Southeast Asia Cruise on Celebrity Millennium. We anchored in Patong bay with about 20 minutes tender-voyage to Patong Beach. A typical Thai resort town and very touristy. We walked along the beach and through market streets. Lots of stalls where you could buy counterfeit goods and food vendors. The short video does give a feeling of the city tour.... read more

Asia » Thailand » Southern Thailand » Songkhla July 6th 2011

We went to songkhla with the whole family on Tuesday morning, all the swimming and beach gear packed… however unfortunately after enquiring at a few hotels (in Thailand you never normally book things) we discovered there was a medical conference and therefore no family sized rooms. Unsure of what to do, we carried on with our day and decided to plan later whether to head back home or find somewhere else, we met Rob’s Californian friend Marlane who is an anthropologist and so knew a lot about the history of the town and had a lot of things to show us. We walked round the town and to the port, before going up ‘monkey mountain’ although Rob said he often used to jog up it, he also said that was how he damaged a tendon in ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Southern Thailand » Songkhla July 2nd 2011

We started the day by going to Buddhist ceremony at a local temple, there were about 20 monks and we had to be careful not to touch them and not to point our feet at the gold Buddha statue. We then went to pick up Alanna’s babysitter, and her son “Beer” (it’s only a nickname but he doesn’t know how he got it). He is studying English so we had a little bit of conversation with him, though he says we talk too fast for him! Due to weather conditions we didn’t end up canoeing as planned, we instead took a trip to some tunnels built by communist Chinamen, it was so much more interesting than expected and also a lot steeper, we had to climb a lot of steps with only one handrail, sometimes not ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Southern Thailand » Songkhla August 3rd 2008

Day 19: Hua Sai to Songkhla We set off biking early at 8 am, with the wind against us. But at least the day’s route was flat, and we biked along 408, the main highway, for hours. I was very, very sore and every push of the pedals made each muscle in my body hurt. We stopped to eat noodles for breakfast, then noodles for lunch, mixing it up with white noodles, then yellow. We rode by cows tied up through a ring in their nose, cute kids on bicycles, dozens of stray dogs of varying decrepitude. Huge smelly trucks piled high with unknown goods and motorbikes with side cars whizzed by us as we rode. The people down here in Southern Thailand had much darker skin than the Thais we’d seen before. Thai people generally ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Southern Thailand » Songkhla June 14th 2008

We got invited to birthday party to a town where the "farrang" does not really go. It was lovely as we got shown part of Thailand and their culture that we would not normally see. They made us feel really like a part of their family. We went fishing, also there was a bird show, only we were looking where our cages where as we were attraction ourselves. We have done some serious fishing Thai style- drain all the watter out of a pond and then look through the mud for the fish. :o) As I Romi did not really wanted to go back to Krabi and then back down south again I have stayed with Bob and went to Phathalung and I Reni went back the day after to Krabi. We have joined each other ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Southern Thailand » Songkhla December 30th 2006

Ok, so yesterday I was planning on going to Songkhla Zoo. However, I woke up at about 4am with my legs feeling incredibly itchy. I figured it was just some more mosquito bites. However, I woke up later, looked down and saw that I had some blisters developing on my legs. They were really itchy, and looked gross (as you can see). The people in the guest house had never seen anything like this, and I felt pretty rotten (not ill, just pissed off with more bug problems). Ning was going to the hospital to visit the ladyboy who broke his leg. I was advised to head over with them, and have someone look at my legs. So, off we went, taking the ferry to get there. The hospital was quite nice, with lots of trees ... read more
SongKhla Hospital.

Asia » Thailand » Southern Thailand » Songkhla December 29th 2006

Well, another day another accident in Thailand. I had decided to have a peaceful one today, and not do very much. I was sitting out the front of the guest house with Alex (the Dutch owner), Christop and Alex's partner Noi. We were just about to head off to a restraunt for tea when "Crunch-BANG!!!!!!", that sound which can only mean something terrible has happed. A motorbike had ran head-on into a car, just meters from the guesthouse. My hands flew up to my ears (oddly... guess I don't like load noises?). A crowd quickly formed around the poor boy, who was lying crumpled on the road. Nobody was doing anything, just staring, there was not much anything could do until the ambulance arrived, I guess. Christoph checked his pulse, and tried to keep the boy ... read more
ABC Guesthouse
More big feet hilarity,

Asia » Thailand » Southern Thailand » Songkhla December 28th 2006

Today was a pretty exciting one, even if that wasn't the way I planned it at all. I'm staying at a really friendly guesthouse called the ABC (it used to be the Arbitus) in a town in the south of Thailand called Songkhla. Songkhla is a pretty interesting place for me. Because it's quite limited beachwise it's not very touristy (it hs two but they don't comprare to the big resort beaches). In addition, there has been problems with security here in the south, with seperatists waging a campaign against the government. There is occasionly bombings; teachers and monks have been killed. further south. It's all very sad and too-familiar somehow. For me however, Songkhla reminds me a lot of Aberdeen, with the choppers flying overhead taking workers to the rigs in the Gulf of Thailland. ... read more
Ning and The Mermaid
Cat in the hat.
Ning's Friends

Asia » Thailand » Southern Thailand » Songkhla June 13th 2001

2012 - These entries have been copied from emails I sent home in 2001. I can't help but laugh at them now - many years of travelling since have changed our values etc so much. I guess our experiences and expectations now have been shaped by these earlier travels. I'm also pleased to note that my photography skills have improved - very few photos were taken on this trip - maybe too many are taken today with digital cameras..... Jerry and I have been in Thailand now for four days and are enjoying it a lot but we are finding it much harder than Malaysia to find our way around. The main problem is language - nobody speaks any English and to make it harder all the signs are written in squiggly Thai symbols… All part ... read more
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