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December 30th 2006
Published: December 31st 2006
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The Ferry.The Ferry.The Ferry.

This is on the ferry to Ko Tao.
Ok, so yesterday I was planning on going to Songkhla Zoo. However, I woke up at about 4am with my legs feeling incredibly itchy. I figured it was just some more mosquito bites. However, I woke up later, looked down and saw that I had some blisters developing on my legs. They were really itchy, and looked gross (as you can see). The people in the guest house had never seen anything like this, and I felt pretty rotten (not ill, just pissed off with more bug problems).

Ning was going to the hospital to visit the ladyboy who broke his leg. I was advised to head over with them, and have someone look at my legs. So, off we went, taking the ferry to get there. The hospital was quite nice, with lots of trees and plants and open areas, but very little privacy for the patients. I wouldn't want to be admitted there. The nurse didn't really speak english, which required a lot of miming and waving of arms on my part to describe things. She gave me some antibiotics, alcohol and creams, which came to around 170 baht. That evening, I didn't fancy doing much,
SongKhla Hospital.SongKhla Hospital.SongKhla Hospital.

Just a very short visit, thank goodness.
so missed out of an apparently spectacular B-B-Q restaraunt. Instead, I had some Pat-thai from the roadside, and watched some english premiership in a roadside shack, with a couple of mugs of delicious cha-yen (sweet iced tea).

Thankfully, my legs seem much better today (the 31st) and I will be able to travel to Bangkok, and from there Cambodia.

Note: Ok, I've edited this entry. I did have a photo of my leg, but decided it was just to disgusting to have on this blog. Think yourself lucky.


7th January 2007

Happy New Year!
Just great to get your blog via Old Dad - now we can follow your adventures. Take care of that leg - we were one of the lucky ones who saw it! Oo-ya!!

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