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December 29th 2006
Published: December 30th 2006
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See the hero with the umbrella (of course, he's not the one taking the photo).
Well, another day another accident in Thailand. I had decided to have a peaceful one today, and not do very much. I was sitting out the front of the guest house with Alex (the Dutch owner), Christop and Alex's partner Noi. We were just about to head off to a restraunt for tea when "Crunch-BANG!!!!!!", that sound which can only mean something terrible has happed. A motorbike had ran head-on into a car, just meters from the guesthouse. My hands flew up to my ears (oddly... guess I don't like load noises?). A crowd quickly formed around the poor boy, who was lying crumpled on the road. Nobody was doing anything, just staring, there was not much anything could do until the ambulance arrived, I guess. Christoph checked his pulse, and tried to keep the boy talking. He was breathing, and his pulse seemed ok, but he seemed semi-conscious. I ran to get some blankets, and some plastic sheets to cover him till the ambulance arrived. It was raining, and this onlooker was standing next to the boy, holding the umbrella over his own head, letting the boy get soaked. 😞.... well, anyway. The ambulance arrived very quickly, shovelled the boy
ABC GuesthouseABC GuesthouseABC Guesthouse

From Left to right: Ludo, Christoph, Alex, Ronald and Gui.
up, and off they went. Again, hope he's ok.

After plenty of de-briefing, blaming of car and motorbike drivers, and a calming beer, we adjourned to a restraunt, named "Mook" (after the owner, a Thai woman about my age... bloody go-getters!).

I had a quiet night, everyone went off to the pub, I didn't. Instead, I went for a little motorbike ride to the beach, where it seemed all the Thai people went to party. Maybe I'll go someday, the lifestyle here (everywhere) seems very seperated between farang and Thai. I hoped I'd wake up refreshed, ready to visit the Songkhla Zoo, but then..... (to be continued)

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More big feet hilarity,

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