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Asia » Thailand » Southern Thailand » Hat Yai January 30th 2016

Shopping in Hat Yai.... read more
local guys

Asia » Thailand » Southern Thailand » Hat Yai March 2nd 2014

The Festival of Lanterns in Hat Yai Park turned out to be lovely, we were the only 'Farang' (foreigners) to be there so attracted a lot of interest from the locals. It was almost like we were back in Ambon in 2011 when we really were the only two foreigners in town. Well from here it's time to say 'goodbye' to Thailand. Our visa runs out on the 5th March so we're heading off to the Cameron Highlands in Malaysia. We're not expecting to find internet there so this blog may be quiet for a week or so.... read more
Statue lit up by the setting sun
Darkness falls and the lanterns are turned on

Asia » Thailand » Southern Thailand » Hat Yai March 1st 2014

After a long spell in a beach location it was time for a change. Hat Yai is an inland city that’s a transport hub, you can basically get buses, trains and planes from here to anywhere in Thailand or Malaysia being so close to the border.It was a natural choice for travellers leaving the peace of the islands behind who wanted to move on. We decided to spend some time here experiencing the real Thai way of life. It certainly is an eye opener, we checked into a central guesthouse with all amenities like air con and hot water showers all for less than £12 a night. We even had a window which is quite a luxury in budget hotels in these parts On our first night out I began to worry that I might slowly ... read more
Typical Street Scene
Piccolo Italian Restaurant, Hat Yai
Irish Bar ,Hat Yai

Asia » Thailand » Southern Thailand » Hat Yai January 4th 2014

There are many means of transport in Thailand. By aeroplane may be the safest, train the cheapest, public buses easy to use, public VIP buses comfortable and then there are still a lot – moto, organized tourist transports, Tuk Tuk and of course the one with the best money/speed ratio – the minibuses. They go from almost every bigger town and many small villages into all directions. They are fast, comfortable, got aircon (you may need trousers and a jacket) and will let you exit wherever you want on the way. I had the chance of taking one (again after a while) to do my visa-run to Malaysia (get there and get a new Thai visa). When I came to the minivan pickup place, all I wanted was not to sit in front – in the ... read more
Toilet/food break
The Malayian border (Thai side)
Border market

Asia » Thailand » Southern Thailand » Hat Yai August 22nd 2013

Geo: 7.00166, 100.47 It was all a bit fraught leaving Koh Phi Phi, because I had stayed an extra day I'm going to have to think of how to cross the border in time but the ferry to Koh Lanta doesn't leave until 11am plus I really picked the wrong route. From Koh Lanta I need to get another 2 car ferries back towards Krabi direction before I can head south which means I'm not going to make it but I'll try the best I can. My bike was secure on the ferry but I was really paranoid as there were no sides where they tied it only the back rail they tied it onto which meant I spent the whole journey watching it as the sea got choppier and we were getting more tossed about. ... read more
Scenery leaving Thailand
Koh Lanta
Koh Lanta

Asia » Thailand » Southern Thailand » Hat Yai August 8th 2013

I traveled with my friend -Aisyah- to South Thailand through Penang. We tried to phone a van (mini bus) which took us to Hatyai, South Thailand. Wit, a traveler from Thailand -we met him at airport and we stayed in same hostel, he gave us a van phone number. But the guy who answered our phone did not understood us, he spoke in Thailand language. So Wit phone the guy for us. We said "thank you" to Wit and prepared everything to traveled more! We wait for the van, blocked of Love Lane Street. Love Lane is famous street for travelers in Penang. I sat besides of Aisyah. A couple of Asian girl and Western guy sat in front of us. They kissed and etc, and I felt annoyed coz they did it in my face ... read more
Hatyai downtown
Singpore hotel in Hatyai, South Thailand.

Asia » Thailand » Southern Thailand » Hat Yai January 20th 2013

After a rather lengthy 7h sequence of taxi, ferry, sawngthaew, local bus, and lastly motorcyle ride, I finally marked my return to the Land of Smiles with my arrival in Hat Yai, the fourth-largest city in the country, and arguably the commercial heart of the Southern provinces. As a major transport hub, Hat Yai sees hordes of tourists and businessmen from neighbouring Malaysia daily, and walking around the downtown area, it almost seems like I hear more of the Malaysian-Chinese dialects (Mandarin, Hokkien, Teochew and Cantonese) being spoken than Thai itself! On several occasions I was greeted by vendors in those dialects, rather than Thai. Quite clearly the Chinese diaspora has had a significant influence here over the years. Yet this didn't come as a particular surprise to me. I'd known my Chinese grandparents had a ... read more
Municipal Park
Ice Dome

Asia » Thailand » Southern Thailand » Hat Yai December 27th 2012

Well Bloggees, after a bit of a stormy Yule out here, you'll be delighted to know that all is well and I'm back on the saddle where I belong. A great days' ride down to Chawang. About 100km starting out at 6 to ride the cool bit. Being as I'm now at about 8 degrees north the sun rides high at midday hereabouts and things warm up. Just had a double dose of Iran-style friendly generosity. A bike shop owner having sold me two inner tubes guided me to the local bungalows at 5 pounds/night. Then later when I returned to ask if he could just clean up the chain; ignored since Tabriz, Iran 3 months ago he spent nearly 2 hours giving the whole bike a complete springclean that I could now lick! Later in ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Southern Thailand » Hat Yai November 19th 2012

Do pristavu sme dorazili uz o 4/00.Predpokladal som o 5/00.Na lodi som pockal do 4/30. Vonku este boli taxikari. Kam ides?Jest. tak mi ukazali ulicku s jedlom. Dal som si mini porciu ryzi a vysmazaneho prsa. Potom som siel pomalicky na bus stanicu. Zlodejska cestovka bola zavreta.Minivan o 6/00 nesiel,siel bus 6/30.Tak som siel s nim,bol o 40b drahsi ako minivan ale v tomto zlodejskom meste som uz nechcel stravi ani minutu. Jasne ,ze zo surathai sme vyrazili definitivne az o 8/00. Najskor sme sli cez cele mesto na bus stanicu, odtial na vlakovu stanicu,vzdialenu asi 10km a potom nazad uz konecne smer hat yai. Bus bol zaplneny do 1/4.Bolo tu dost miesta na nohy. Cestou sme mali jednu pispuazu. Ak teda nepocitam zastavky spirevodcov co si robili po ceste biznis, nakupovali jedlo a nevim co ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Southern Thailand » Hat Yai July 6th 2012

We besloten de bus te nemen naar Thailand. Vanuit Penang – Georgetown – Chunia street (backpackerswijk) waren er verschillende minivans om de grens over te steken naar Thailand. De prijzen waren overal hetzelfde dus we besloten een busje te nemen. De minibus zat vol mensen en we waren blij om in Thailand te zijn na 3 uur rijden. De busrit was gevaarlijk. De chauffeur was een echte Hells Angel, en van handsfree telefoneren had hij nog nooit gehoord zeker? We hadden in Georgetown / Penang ons Thais visum aangevraagd, betaald en het was goedgekeurd. Oef! We konden dus veilig de grens over en hadden 90 dagen tijd om het land te bezoeken. Als je over land gaat krijg je slechts een visum van 15 dagen om het land te bezichtigen. Als je vliegt: 30 dagen. Als ... read more
Shop before leavin Penang
in the back of a jeep of Thai people/in een laadbak van een jeep van Thaise mensen

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