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April 14th 2008
Published: April 14th 2008
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So we are half way through our vacation within a vacation. I do have to warn you that if you are jealous of what you have read in the past few months...stop here. Right now it is a beautiful monday afternoon in southern Thailand...later today we are flying to Bangkok! We had three CRAZY days here in Phuket. The first day we hung out at the beach, walked around, and just relaxed. We went fishing that night, so we didn't want to do anything crazy during the day. Our fishing trip was a blast. We went with an Australian couple.and between the four of us...we caught one fish. I'd love to say I caught it, but the one and a half foot baracuda that jake snagged isn't worth it. It was just relaxing to sit out on a boat in the middle of the Indian Ocean. The guys who took us out caught a fish too and right on the boat...they chopped them up, deep fried them, and we had a delicious dinner of rice and fresh fish! We got back to our resort...yea thats right...for $24 a night we are staying in a resort! We got back to our resort around 2:30, and had to be up at 6:45 for our jungle adventure! We got on a bus in the morning with 10 other people from around the world, and headed north to the Phang-Na province on the mainland. On the way we stopped at another cave! In KL, we saw the worlds largest standing buddist shrine...this cave they took us to had the worlds largest laying buddist shrine! To make things ever better, the caves were filled with monkeys. There were probably over 1,000 monkeys running around...I felt like I was on the streets of Ohio, and everyone was rioting. It was fun, and thankfully we didn't stay there long. We drove another 30 minutes north to a small village that depends on the tourism to survive. The way our guide made it sound, everyone who lives in the village works with the tourists, and that is how they make money. We spend the day white-water rafting, riding elephants, and swimming in the jungle at a waterfall and lagoon. I've never been more satisfied with a tour! Around lunch time, they brought us to a hut in the middle of nowhere, and fed us a HUGE Thai lunch. Other
Kids and their games!Kids and their games!Kids and their games!

This was the bar owners kid...he played with us for at least an hour
than the rice, and deep fried pineapple, I have no idea what I ate. They even had wide chilli peppers for us to try...I've never had anything that hot. I made the stupid mistake of not washing my hands after I tried one. I scratched my back and some of the oils literally burned my skin. Of course we were in the jungle, and one of the local ladies saw my back, grabbedd the stem of some tree, rubbed it on my back, and all was fine. I really didn't think our time in Phuket could have gotten any better. It did.

We happened to be here for the Thai New Year. I can't even begin to explain how rediculous is was. I'm not going to write much because I can't think of the words to describe how much fun it was. The pictures sort of due the festival justice. It was probably the coolest thing I have ever been apart of. Everyone takes to the streets with waterguns, hoses, buckes, water baloons, and baby powder. All the bars stay open, and inside the is ever crazier than outside. We left resort at 10am, and before we could walk one block...we were soaked. The Thai believe that the water washes away the deamons and the negativity of the past year. I'm not really sure what the baby powder is for...but we constantly had people running up to us and rubbing it on our faces. It's awesme how people can just put everything down for a day and have a great time. No one cared about anything. There were water fights in resturants, bars...even the 7-11 we went into was soaking and people were having water battles using the racks of magazines as shields. We probably spent 12 hours outside, soaking wet, with GIANT smiles on our faces. I have a bunch of video I'll put up when we get back to Sydney.

Enjoy the pictures!

Today Bangkok...and in two days...Vietnam!

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Fishing Trip!Fishing Trip!
Fishing Trip!

Pier at Chelong Bay
Awesome sunsetAwesome sunset
Awesome sunset

Jake and I met Peter and his wife on the boat
feeding our elephantfeeding our elephant
feeding our elephant

they love those bananas!
jumping off another cliffjumping off another cliff
jumping off another cliff

this one was much smaller
Happy Thai New Year!Happy Thai New Year!
Happy Thai New Year!

These guys were running around all night...we ran into them a few times!
Happy Thai New Year!Happy Thai New Year!
Happy Thai New Year!

cute kid with a giant water gun

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