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May 28th 2014
Published: May 28th 2014
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Karon Beach was rated the number one beach in Thailand recently, so we headed over here. When I first saw it, it seemed too long and large. I guess I was used to smaller intimate beaches. But after a few days enjoying this beach, I can see why it was rated so highly.

The waves are relatively large for Thai standards (small for Hawaii), but the water is so clear, you can see down to your feet at the bottom even when in water up to your chest. The water is so clear and light blue, it is intoxicating. The waves are playful and frequent enough to keep you entertained. You find yourself body surfing for hours without getting bored. After a long run, it is the perfect way to cool off.

The sand is tan in color but has an almost powder consistency making it perfect for walking, running, or sitting in the water at the water’s edge and playing with the sand. The water temperature is just right. It cools you off during the day, but is warm enough to swim at night.

Today we were body surfing in the waves. They were 2-3 feet. Enough power to take you all the way to shore. I body surfed for 30 minutes or so. I then rode one to the shore and decided to just lay there where it left me to see what happened next. The next few waves just rolled up and nudged me a little. But the fourth or fifth wave sent me rolling like a log further up the beach. It then pulled me back for a few rolls as it returned to the ocean.

It was fun to just let the waves move me as they pleased so I resisted very little. For science fans, there is a periodic nature to waves ruled by mass, gravity, wind, interplanetary motion, and the shape of the sea floor. But for a log rolling on the beach in shin high water, it turned out to be more fun than I would have thought. I am sure there were people around doubting my sanity, but I am more interested in my own experience.

I continued to lay there and let waves toss me where they pleased, resisting very little. Most waves would come and go with only a nudge. But every 5th or 6th wave would slide me along or roll me over a few times. I would lift my head from time to time to watch Ashlee get pummeled by another wave as she continued to body surf.

Eventually, she rode a wave in and joined me out of curiosity. We were rolled and tossed about for another 10 minutes or so. The waves move you around as they please, leaving you in some contorted position. If I were ambitious I would call it wave yoga-meditation therapy, write a book, and become famous. But we went to lunch instead.

Update: Later that week .... Thailand Military Coup 2014, Day 5. There is a 10:30 PM curfew here. We are told it is only for the first week of the coup. The Thai people are a class act. Even during a coup, they remain smiling. The woman who runs the coffee shop across the street tells me that the Mafi own the police, so the military must protect the Thai people and the King during a coup. So the Military closes business at night to keep the Mafia under control. The military coup ousted the civil government because of corruption. The King has blessed the coup and we are told elections will follow. 57 countries later, there is always something new to experience.

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29th May 2014

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The water color, temp and clarity, the sand sounds perfect so all and all it is well deserving the reputation. Sounds like a perfect beach setting. Hope you'll have some time to go diving.

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