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June 20th 2006
Published: July 31st 2006
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We left Patong for Karon Beach, when we arrived you could see it was low season because the beach was empty. We read on another blog that the sand on the beach would squeak when you walked on it and it actually did! It felt a bit like walking on snow, except it was hot and there were tiny crabs running around our feet. Ollie had seen a mini golf course advertised in nearby Kata Town, so we went to find it. When we got there we realised it wasn't your normal mini golf - it was Jurrasic Mini Golf with life size model dinosaurs outside! The golf was great fun with plenty of cheating going on and the odd dinosaur egg and several dino turds getting in the balls way. We then explored Kata, which was quite a nice place. Amy saw a sign for Strongbow cider and couldn't resist but ended up costing as much as 3 times more than back home - she did enjoy it though. On our way back to Karon we finally found somewhere that did Chicken Satay which we indulged and loved.

On one of the days we went to Phuket Zoo. We first saw the monkey show, they were doing lots of tricks and the carers looked like they really looked after them. Next was the crocodile show, this was very exciting and nerve racking, this involved 2 blokes winding up 8 crocs so that they would whip their tails and snap their jaws! The crazy men then proceded to first, kiss the croc and second put their whole head inside the croc's mouth! At this point Amy was too scared to move incase the croc flinch. Amy was also worried that the flash caused a deadly reaction from the croc, luckily for the bloke the flash had no affect - phew!!!! We onto the elephant show, where 4 young ones did tricks with footballs, basketballs and even did a bit of painting. After the show they were chained back up where they just swayed back and forth until the next show - poor things. Walking around the zoo we were both quite shocked to see the cages and pens were not big enough or adequate for the animals inside of it. At this zoo you could even have your photo taken with a massive tiger, it was great to see it up close but would have prefered to see it roaming round a big open space instead. So after a short stay in Karon, we made our way to Phuket City (not much there and not very touristy), for one night before heading to the small Island of Ko Phi Phi.......

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Amy doing a Mr Whippy!Amy doing a Mr Whippy!
Amy doing a Mr Whippy!

Do you want a flake with that?

8th August 2006

looked very closely here and I didnt see you playing with the elephants or the crocs!!!! Now that WOULD have been a photo!! Looks like your having a great time guys! Still v v jealous of you both!!! big hugs and love kxxx
29th August 2006

Karon Beach
Hello Amy and Ollie i have looked on the blog today and the pictures are spectacular - you must be having the time of your lives! You both look fab too, your obviousley not overeating out there to stay so trim! maybe i should go for a year!! Hope you are enjoying it all and have a great time in Aussieland - take care of each other Love Dawn and the rest of the Bennett family xxx

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