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February 22nd 2007
Published: February 22nd 2007
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market fishmarket fishmarket fish

not sure what kind this is but it is everywhere....even dead ones floating at the peer...???
This morning I went on a speed boat tour (island hopper) to all the mini beaches around here. Amazing, the water is so clear, it is beautiful! I wish I could buy one of the islands for me and myself he he. A few of the people went snorkling but I can't handle the thought of dangling in the wide open ocean....have you seen the move OPEN WATER...that is all I kept thinking Plus I could see some of the fish from the boat anyway!! Today is my last day in Phuket. Kinda glad....the hustle and bustle here is crazy!! So many people. People people people..........everywhere, and transvestites too....I took pics of that too.
I took a Thai cooking class yesterday it was sooo yummy. After the class I went to the market.....ewwwww! There were so many weird things (I took lots of pics). I ordered a fruit smoothie and it was sooooo good, but trying to drink it while walking through the stench of the market (wadaya know, another meat market) was impossible. There where little oyster/clam things that squirt water at you, skinned frogs, birds, that where not skinned but "plucked". I tried to ask if it was chicken but they just kept saying "BIRD". They where only the size of my hand, if that. THEN I saw the chicken, all they do is pluck it and cut in 1/2 down the center, so you can see the gizard and other yummy insides....blaghk. As for the cooking class.... I feel a bit better about ordering Thai food from a menu now! I hear there is a great restaurant on the island (phi phi). I am going to brave and eat there! I met a girl from Ireland who has been telling me a lot about phi phi (she used to live there) and it sounds so relaxing I can't wait!! I have to take the ferry there tomorrow. It is about a two hour ride I think. And there are no cars, or mopeds, or even roads on the island, but there are some nice hotels.....sounds exactly like what I am looking for!! Ok, well I guess that is enough typing for now since I have to pay by the minute and I have to save some Bahts for Phi Phi. I will be there for a week hopefull relaxing in the sun on a beach with NOT
market frogmarket frogmarket frog

ribbit, some skin left here....yum!
so many people as Patong. Have a great night everyone or morning, or whatever time it is there....I don't even know....I only look at a clock or calendar every few's weird but really nice!!

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market pigmarket pig
market pig

pig leg anyone?
market chickenmarket chicken
market chicken

very intersting, i really stared at this to try and figure it all out...
under waterunder water
under water

this is how clear the water is feet are under water!
hong islandhong island
hong island

longtail boats for hire

you can see here that there is a sandbar that connect the two islands, the tide depends if it is above or below water

22nd February 2007

Sounds amazing
Hey Rhonda, I have been reading your travel blog and it sounds like you are having an amazing time. Enjoy the rest of your trip and I look forward to reading more. Brandi
22nd February 2007

Right on
Sounds like you are doing alot, and enjoying your time there... Experience all that you can, but also stop to smell the roses.... Make sure you relax and just take in the sites and sounds around you..Looking fwd to your next entry...AL
22nd February 2007

Glad you stopped by my little neck of the woods on the web for a little eye candy as apparantly you aren't seeing ones as nice? what up??!?! LOL The Thai cooking thing sounds're gonna now have to cook for all of us when you get back you know...tee hee Have a great relaxing week...look forward to seeing pictures of the "market" lol hugs!
23rd February 2007

mmm...squirting clams...
Yuck! Squirting clams Rhonda? lol That sounds repulsive, along with the skinned frogs. Not my personal taste either, but hey, you had a new experience there right!?! I am so happy that you took a thai cooking class! What did you make? Phi Phi does sound very, make sure you take full advantage of doing just that! Cheers!

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