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Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Phang-Nga April 27th 2019

When we arrived in Chumphon, I went for lunch with Nook. She was on the same boat and on her way to see her grandmother. My host would pick me up from the train station in a few hours so we had time. We had noodles and mangosteen juice. This is a local fruit I never heard of before. It tastes really nice and sweet! After saying goodbye to her, I walked back to the train station and waited for my host. He came from Bangkok with his sister and was on his way back to Phang-Nga, so he had offered to pick me up in Chumphon. It was a long drive and I slept most of the time. When we reached his home town we went for dinner before going home and sleep. Before falling ... read more
The beach in Phang-Nga
with my host Tor
with Nook

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Phang-Nga January 28th 2017

The area around Phang Nga on the mainland is surrounded by spectacular lime karsts both in the sea and on land. Amongst them is the famous James Bond island. A tall lime karst that featured in one of the films. A popular way to see it is by going on an very expensive tourist excursion by mini bus and speed boat,from any of the surrounding areas. The problem with these excursions, apart from the expense is that you end up being herded around like cattle and not spending too much time doing what you actually want to do. The trip is also combined with a visit to the floating village.that nestles between the lime karsts. We'd read about a public ferry that went from Ko Yao Noi, the island we were currentl on, to Phang Nga ... read more
Jak and Som took us to the pier
And insisted on waiting until we sailed away to wave us goodbye
On the boat

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Phang-Nga April 14th 2016

Pendant 3 jours c'est la fête du nouvel an bouddhique en Thaïlande, la Songkran. Certains l'appellent aussi la fête de l'eau ! Selon eux l'eau éloignela malchance et purifie... Je pense que je vais être ok pour la nouvelle année. J'étais mouillé de la tête aux pieds! La ville de Phang Nga s'est transformée en jeu d'eau géant ! Tout le monde avait des fusils à l'eau et s'arrosait dans les rues. Il y avait même des gens dans leur boîte de camion qui se promenait avec des réserves d'eau pour arroser les gens! Certains arrosait avec de l'eau colorée. Wow! C'était cool car j'ai pu participer... Une famille nous a invité à lancer de l'eau avec eux! J'aimerais qu'on fête cette fête au Québec ;)... read more
Attention, on vous arrose!
On est équipé
Boîte de camion avec des réserves d'eau !

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Phang-Nga January 20th 2016

While on our trip to Thailand, it was rainy season and that dented some of our plans because it felt more good to stay inside enjoying the lovely hotel but as the rain kept going on for day, we decided we can't let it up to mother nature and as soon as there is a chance of it slowing down we will move on to our next step, Phang Nga Bay, something I was anticipating a lot and was excited about and it was worth it. Thankfully. it never fully rained at the bay except a few drops here and there but it was not bright sunny, something I didn't fully get the chance to miss. The day trip was to Phang Nga from Phuket was chosen based on the the boats options and the tie ... read more
Phan Nga

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Phang-Nga May 2nd 2014

We woke up early today to meet a driver for our tour to James Bond Island in the lobby @ 7am. We had a short 40 minute drive before arriving at the pier and boarding our boat for the day. Immediately we knew that this was going to be a FAR better experience than the Maya Bay Sleepaboard tour we booked in Phi Phi. The boat was much larger, plenty of room, breakfast/snacks/drinks were available, and the main tour guide Philipe from Two Sea Tour ( was wonderful right from the start. He informed us that we get a 2 hour earlier start than all of the other tours in order to canoe in some caves where you have a short window to get in & out because of the tide. Our group was small (around ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Phang-Nga April 28th 2014

Yesterday's blog miss, OMG!!! Previously we have spent $120 for 600mb of data on our phones and had to spend our whole trip stressed out, monitoring our searches, etc... in order to make sure we stayed in that amount. NO MORE! Found an article that said AT&T would unlock any iPhone that was 2+ years old and not under contract.....hello Matt's old 4S. We unlocked and bought a SIM card here for $3, then loaded it with unlimited data for $6.20. Ummmm....awesome. Siri is now our guide!!! We went to bed at 10:30pm with an alarm time of 8am, and I have to tell you we probably could've slept forever BUT we arranged to have our rental car delivered at the hotel at 9am and wanted to be ready to go. Today's adventure....Thai Driving!!!! Woop Woop. ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Phang-Nga February 18th 2014

This Center is a nursery for sea turtles. The eggs are taken from the sand and bread (though that happens somewhere else). Then the small tea turtles are raised until they are let free in march into the sea. The nursery also takes care of many injured sea turtles. It can be visited daily for free and although the Center itself is only concrete and water, the turtles have touched me deeply. Enjoy the Videos and many Pictures at the very bottom of this page. ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Phang-Nga February 17th 2014

I continued my way to PhnagNga. The way was mostly rolling hills but the still climbs, especially the second one, were really hard. The last 30 km were simply a fight against heat and pain in various places of my Body. The time/Speed data is misleading - I did not turn it off at breaks and also had it running when I checked around for accomodation and Food. My riding time was 5-6 hours. Just check out the pics at the very bottom of the page, no more words...... read more
Route data
Height profile
Big chang

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Phang-Nga January 26th 2014

After a good night’s sleep in our clean comfortable bed we were well rested and ready to explore the local area. It’s well known for the spectacular limestone-karts, some in the sea others inland in Sa Nang Manora national park with numerous waterfalls and pools. We chose to visit the Manora Park first thing and were almost the only people there. We set off along the distinct jungle pathway which wound it’s way around waterfalls, climbing over broken bridges and crossing the stream on fallen down trees. After a while the path became indistinct and we were forced to turn back but we’d been walking for best part of an hour which was quite enough in the tropical heat. From here we went to the mangroves along the coastline where there were views of the picturesque ... read more
jungle trekking
jungle trekking

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Phang-Nga November 3rd 2013

The sun was blazing as colour coded groups scrambled aboard different vessels (I was in green - a good sign I thought) and I had a little thought about how I felt like I was on a school trip and then relief came when I realised I was only responsible for myself! All aboard!! There began gentle journey through sparkling blue waters towards hazy mounds in the distance. Our destination? Phang Nga islands.... Phang Nga Islands are one of the most popular tourist destinations in Southern Thailand and for good reason. Also known as 'James Bond Island' where 'The Man with the Golden Gun' was filmed; for me, it was one of the most stunning and best days of my life (well my eyeballs thought so anyway!). I know I will have many of these amazing ... read more

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