Ko phi phi to Krabi (Sat 12th April 2008)

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April 12th 2008
Published: April 16th 2008
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Ko phi phi to Krabi (Sat 12th April 2008)

Following on from previous days entry leaving ko Phi phi and unsucessfully trying to get a pancake with nutella breakfast. I got to the jetty on ko phi phi really early, about an 1 hour and half before the boat left. The reason for this was i am simply sick and tired of been bitten by mossies. Early that morning i thought i burn a bit of time, relax and read my book on the balcony on my bungalow but i was getting eaten alive...especially my feet and ankles. So decided to escape and head to the jetty!

What do i think of Ko Phi Phi. I Think its a beautiful island (well 2 islands). Lots of good night life, good stalls, shops & good food. Was really excited about coming here and i wasnt disappointed. However i do wish i could have seen it several years ago before the big influx of tourism took hold of the island and all these resorts started to pop up every where. Still, even though i got my arse kicked i still have good happy memories from here.

Ferry trip was very smooth and took about 2 hours. I took this oppurtunity to catch up on some much needed beauty sleep whilst in was relatively quiet. I cant remember last itme i had a good sleep) probably my last night on the perhinthians). Thing with thailand, if some insect isn't waking you up during the night, its hen / cock, cock a doo a doo'ing, if not a hen, its a gheko, if its not a gheko it monkeys jumping on the roof of your bungalow and it its not them, its cats and if it's not them it the muslims blasting their prayers out on the loud speaker of a temple at the crack of dawn!!!

Arrived at the jetty and as expected the ambush began from all the touts and taxi drivers. Eventually i made my way through them and found a cheap local taxi (50B). The taxi was this clapped out tiny van with an open back. 5 of us squeezed into this tiny space along with our luggage like a tin of sardines..very funny site!

Arrived at KR Mansion (my accomodation for next 4 nights). actually one of the nicer rooms ive staye in in thailand. I actually had a chain to flush the toilet and toilet roll (Woooooooooo) also a wardrobe lol!

That day i explored the town. First priority "FOOD" went to this cafe that the lonely planet guide highly recommended. I went in and it was quiet and asked if they were serving food. They said no not for another hour or so...i thought great, isn't this supposed to be a cafe??? Then they said we can do you a sandwich. That's fine. The first few sandwiches i asked for they said, O sorry we havnt got any ham, havnt got chicken. I settled for cheese then they came bac and said all the bread is frozen can you go to our friends cafe few doors down. Okay i guess i can do that! Eventually i ordered the Sandwich....after about 45 minutes waiting i received my sandwich. God knows what they were doing, i think they had to go and catch and kill the pig in order to make my ham sandwich!!!

From there did walked about checking the town checking out. Not much of interest here i thought. Anyway, found an internet cafe and did a monster session on my blog and caught up on my emails and of course checked all the latest sports and football news.

It was dark by the time i left the cafe and i was hungry so headed to the night market and had a mooch around. Came across this street stall that sold samuri swords, big hunting knifes, flick / lock knifes, guns (i think they were air pistols though, butt not 100%!s(MISSING)ure) and all other sorts of weopens. I was shocked, just couldnt imagine a thing like this in England. Found a food stall, at last some good food i thought...unfortunately this one sold cooked beetles, bugs, insect lava, grubs like caterpillars and other stuff like that. Not what i quite had in mind. Didn't take long to find some chicken kebabs o and a sugar doughnut - mmmmmm they were lovely! Watched a fire dancer, and he was awesome. Seen a few fire dancers during my travels but this guy was by far the best. He did fire juggling with all sorts of things including... 3 and 4 glass bottles, with 2 fire sticks, with 2 metal chains (obviously all on fire)!

Was back at my guest house fairly early - I could feel the Zzzzzzzz's coming on. I noticed Casino Royal (james bond) was on so thought i'd sit down with the guest house owners and watch that with them and have a drink. Then i noticed it was in thai so did one to bed and called it a day.


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