Day 112: The new sand castle

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February 25th 2019
Published: February 26th 2019
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We returned to our “favorite island beach” today. I made the initial goal to see how many straws I could find that had been washed up by previous high tides and random litter and planned on making a little sand castle display. However, as things started to unfold I saw that I had inadvertantly created 5 towers in the shape of a di five. Much resembling Angkor Wat. Well, now that I had a picture the creation needed to be made. Out of blue bottle caps, blue plastics and blue flip flops came the moat. From single use plastic spoons came the wall for the city. Cue tips and white straws created sections within the city. Roads were bottle caps and cigarette lighters and of course the towers are plastic straws. Some people visiting the beach got quite a laugh out of our creation, others got really quiet when they found out we were gathering EVERYTHING from just what had been washed up on shore. Our favorite was to go out into the water and watch as people walked by and to see their reaction when they noticed this “sandcastle“ creation. All the plastic bottles we took caps off of we threw into the restaurant owner’s storage container (a hole with some beach wood encasing it) which he said he turns in when it is full. I hope he really does, we probably added over a hundred bottles to the collection. It took about 4 hours, the overthrowing of a king and the appointment of 2 new architects because the towers weren’t aligned correctly and the moat wall got turned the wrong way, and the recruitment of a bottle cap polisher to create the mighty Angkor that Jayavarman could be proud of. It only took 22 minutes to destroy it. Such is the nature of the world...Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva.


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