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June 2nd 2006
Published: June 3rd 2006
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After being rudely awaken by my alarm I set out to try and find out what thai people have for breakfast. The question "what do Thai people have for breakfast?" certainly confused the girl at the small cafe I was sat in, and eventually she bought me a plate of rice topped with chicken, and option spicy sauce. Also I got bought an insanely bitter cup of coffee, and I didnt even realise it was supposed to be white until I held it up to the light!

The two morning dives signified the completion of my nitrox course, as well as one of the dives for my deep course. The first dive was at the nice Chumporn pinnacles where we droipped straight down to 30 m before heading up to look at the vast amounts of marine life. The second shallower dive was at "white rocks". Here I saw (swimming for the first time) a sea snake - apparantly one of the most deadly creatures in the world. ITs only problem is the size of its bite - its mouth is tiny!

Lunch was Tom Kha - similar to Tom Yum but with coconut too.

In the afternoon I went on two more dives. The first - 'Japanese Gardens' was shallow, murky and boring. The second, twins, was still relatively shallow but had much more interesting geography, and the novelty of being cleaned by a cleaner wrass certainly added to this dive!

I went to the 'safety stop' bar to get my certification, and had all the instructors trying to convince me to stay and do my divemaster. Tempting...

Dinner was a comparatively mild Chicken with cashew nuts - delicate and delicious!

Dive Log
74 - Chumporn, Koh Tao, Thailand, 08:34, 46 min, 29.8m, av20.4m, 32%!o(MISSING)2, 200->80
75 - White Rock, Koh Tao, Thailand, 10:22, 50 min, 29.8m, av11.3m, 36%!o(MISSING)2, 200->100
76 - Japanese Gardens, Koh Tao, Thailand, 13:43, 55 min, 29.8m, av5.8m, 21%!o(MISSING)2, 200->?
77 - Twins, Koh Tao, Thailand, 16:04, 46 min, 29.8m, av20.4m, 21%!o(MISSING)2, 200->?

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