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March 31st 2005
Published: March 31st 2005
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Boat with reflection (shot from my boat headed to the scuba site)
So I left the Cameron Highlands with the intentions of getting to Koh Phangan (a island of the coast of southern Thailand) in time for the world reknown FULL MOON PARTY. I ended up on buses and boats for about 16 hours....just to finally get to the island and learn that i was one day LATE!!! I was a little worried about that because all the websites had different dates listed....but i could not have gotten there any earlier. So anyways, I stayed in Koh Phangan for a few days, and basically just relaxed on the beach...nothing really to note.

Then I decided to head to the more remote island of Koh Tao, which also is the home to all the scuba diving centers in that area. Koh Tao was great. Fun, funky, little beach village, it reminded me of Puerto Viejo in Costa Rica. All the bars played movies at night (which is a nice alternative), and i met up with some fun people that where staying in the same hotel as I was. I dove a couple of times, saw some huge trigger fish, hung out at the pool/beach. One day I rented a motorbike...but not the little

sunset with boat...Koh Tao
ones they have in Key West (YURI), I got one of the BIG DOG motorcross style bikes...the off road kind. Well i'll be the first to admit that this bad boy was way too much for me to handle, I've only ridden a scooter once before, and this thing was a proper motorcylce...you/I had to shift gears and errythang (not to mention it was really powerful). So after about 30 minutes of testing this thing out I decided that I should just go for the dinky scooter...maybe next time I'll be a little more ballsie (but I still dont have insurance yet).

Thats basically it. Nothing too exciting, just a good time. I have decided that this trip is starting to feel too much like a holiday and that I need to start figuring out a way to feel more productive (apposed to just lounging around the beach). You guys know how i am.....i'm a busy body, and i need to feel productive....so we'll see.

I miss you guys.

(i will be doing another update right away so check back soon)

also, special shout out to yuri, thanks for the email

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Thai BucketThai Bucket
Thai Bucket

These things are deadly (bottle of thai wiskey, can of coke, and 2 cans of redbull)

Typical Beach Shot

one of many boat photos!

suprise suprise
everthing is smaller hereeverthing is smaller here
everthing is smaller here

small doors = plenty of knocks on my head

i like these kind of photo's

5th December 2005

you are greater tbe you know

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