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July 24th 2009
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hello all,

rented a motorbike on beautiful ko tao yesterday. rode as far as we could in both directions.

the island is becoming so overdeveloped that the new "resorts" have planted themselves in front of the old ones, right on the beach, so the beaches, while quite stunning, are very narrow. there's also limited beach because the more expensive resorts block off the "their" beaches for "guests only". in every island/beach town we've visited on past trips, this seems to be the case.

still an incredible place however, with spectacular views!

we snorkeled in two spots and got to see a myriad of colorful fish, including little black ones that were nipping at dorota's feet! it turns out that the current trend for pedicure is to pay $50 (in japan and the states) so that you can put your feet in a tank of these and they eat your dead skin. and dorota got it for free! this trip is starting to pay for itself!

ate dinner (and breakfast) by the ocean.

today, we're just gonna lay around, and tomorrow we leave for a day of travel to the krabi province. sounds like a place that adam may fit in! haha!

anyway, thanks to those of you who respond to these. we love hearing from you!




24th July 2009

oooh thai beach!
ooo la LA beach life! sounds faaaabulous! i wonder if those fish get sick from eating everyone's skin. LA IS GETTING HOT ... that's pretty much what you're missing. wishing i was with you guys @ the beach~ c.
24th July 2009

mmmmm, ocean
Yup. We had breakfast, ice-cream and dinner at the harbor. I was one with two sea lions and a young seal. variety of birds-egrets, herons, cormorants, gulls, teeny hoppy brown ones, diving pelicans...we cruised along the bay in a motor boat, taking in all my fav. colors. Nope, no fish manicure!So happy you share your awesome experiences with us. Stay healthy( cause mom said so) , enjoy trekking. with all my love, mommy

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