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June 6th 2007
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Got up at eight and went through the same old routine of getting ready then having a fruit salad and yogurt breakfast (how original!)

Went up with Fes, Tim and Phil for the start of the Advance Padi Course. We went through the Navigation and deep dive sections in the Advanced dive book. We got a bit of a run down on how to use the compasses and depth wrist computer before breaking for lunch.

This afternoon for our dive site we went to Hin Wong Bay on the north east side of the bay. We dove down to 12 metres. While at the bottom we were made to do a series of navigation tests using our compasses. What we had to do was using 10 kick cycles go out in one direction turn 90 degrees another 10 kick cycles, do this routine a further 2 times and we would end up at the same spot we started (where Phil and Patricia were waiting for us - in essence what we had done was a square and later we had to do a triangle). Problem was I hadnt paid attention in class so had no idea how to use the compass but thankfully I could just make out where Phil and Patrica were standing (despite the 15metre visability). So I made it up as I went along and passed. Next test me and Fes had to lead the group on a small journey through the reef and then back to the boat (a beer was riding on this). We had scetched out the bay before arriving on some placks but at the last minute the dive site was changed. We redrew the map on our placks, but unfortunatly we had forgotten to change the North point. So we got completely lost and Patricia and Phil had to bail us out. Later Phil told us very few people pass the test but I still felt deeply disapointed and annoyed that we'd failed. Spent the rest of the journey back familiarising myself with my compass.

Back at camp and after having cleaned up the equipment I went to get some chocolate (sudden urge) and write some emails and this blog.

That evening Fes and I went to the View point bar and restaurant for a bite to eat (Satae curry - lovely) and had a couple of drinks. We had a 7:00 start tomorrow so I made it a relatively early night sleep (11:00ish)


9th June 2007

Have you ever seen the film "open water"? I'm imagining your compass skills could get you into that sort of trouble.

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