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The boat lurches, and bodies in front of me topple into the dark sea. Weak sunlight pales the dawn. The world through the diving mask is reduced to a smear of milky grey sky, opaque water, and 50 meters beyond the choppy sea, a tree-covered island of immense granite boulders. It’s one of the Similan Islands. Maybe number 4. Maybe number 6. They didn’t bother with names. Doesn’t matter much either way. It’s land. The place where humans belong. The Dune mantra echoes loudly in my head: “Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.” But fear is also a warning that you may be about to do something really stupid. This may qualify. Through the regulator, my breathing sounds like Darth Vader – which is apparently normal, not ominous. Shuffling gigantic ... read more
Wicked Diving liveaboard*
fish blizzard*

If you were to blow up a balloon to the point it resists further expansionand then let go, it would likely set off around the room in a haphazard screech. Trying to describe and analyze the course that balloon takes would be akin to me writing this blog in its descriptive entirety. I could plough through it trying my utmost to explain every twist and turn, but after all is said and done you’d be as dazed and confused by it all as I would. Nevertheless, Thailand was merely a backdrop to our ultimate purpose of the five weeks we spent there, which was to procure ourselves a job somewhere in the region. And so with the aid of the World Wide Web we lingered for a week in and around the vicinity of Khao San ... read more
Surin Islands NP
Kings Birthday celebrations

Similan Islands National Park After visitng the Surin Islands we packed up the circus and headed back to Khao Lak to overnight before continuing on to our next destination… Similan Islands National Park. The Similan Islands are about an hour and a half off the coast of Thailand and comprised of 9 separate islands… of which 3 are off limits to humans because they have breeding turtle populations and only two can accommodate overnight visitors (#4 & 8). We would be staying 3 nights on island #4. Our hotel arranged our transfer to the islands and we (along with a few others) were picked up bright and early and taken to the company’s offices to pay an extortionate “deposit” for snorkel equipment and listen to the standard speech about not stepping on coral (which some idiots ... read more
Beach shot
Island #4
#8 viewpoint

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Similan Marine NP February 9th 2011

Somehow I've managed to avoid the Similans for nearly 5 years, each year after hearing reports from friends I'd promise myself a trip during the next season, November to March is the best time for diving off the West Coast of Thailand. I'd then either be in South America, or recovering from dengue - I deserve a little more sympathy for the second reason. This year life has been about building the business in Kuala Lumpur, although I get a lot less freedom, it also allows for a little more stability and enables planning. This year I booked a liveaboard in advance! The gateway to the Similans is the Thai town of Koh Lak, itself home to some interesting wreck dives (next time) - and a couple of nice long beaches, and a few resorts popular ... read more
Porcelain Crab Fishing

Diving in the Similan Islands on a 4 day liveaboard.... read more
Harloquin Shrimp
5.5m Manta Ray
Cleaner Shrimp

Zur Einleitung zu diesem Eintrag möchte ich auf das beiliegende Video von Job 2 Do verweisen. Er ist der grösste Reggae Star in Thailand und das Lied dass er singt (doo doo doo) lässt einem am besten die Stimmung während unserer letzten Tage in Thailand erahnen. Als grosses Highlight unserer Reise nach Thailand, war für die letzten Tage noch ein 5-Tages-Trip zu den Similans mit der Amarpon geplant. Diesen Ausflug sollten wir so schnell nicht vergessen. Dani der von Markus bereits als Staff eingeteilt wurde, hat Mel (Tourleaderin) unterstützt und ging am 07.04. bereits etwas früher an Bord. 11 neue Gäste haben den Trip gebucht und wollten tauchen tauchen tauchen. Bereits am Vorabend haben wir einige der Neulinge kennengelernt und so habe ich die Truppe für den Transfer vom Loma Resort zum Hafen startklar gemacht. Endlich ... read more
Reed feeds the housepet
Briefing Board
Turtle & me

Eben noch im auf unserer Showbühne. So sind wir uns etwa vorgekommen und tatsächlich am Tag nach unserer Ankunft bereits bei den Similan Islands aufgewacht. Die Similan Islands sind ein Naturpark der aus mehreren Inseln besteht und aufgrund ihrer guten Lage zu einem beliebten Tauchspot geworden sind. Nachdem wir aufgrund unseres Tagesfluges ein nicht unerhebliches Schlafmanko hatten, haben wir von der Nachtfahrt nichts mehr mitbekommen. Um 7 Uhr in der Früh wurden wir dann aus dem Schlaf gerissen und mussten zum ersten Briefing antreten. Schliesslich waren wir ja zum tauchen da und nicht zum faulenzen. Nun, so besteht der Bordalltag aus 4 Tauchgängen täglich, auf freiwilliger Basis natürlich. Und zwischen den Tauchgängen wurde gegessen, geschlafen und gebruzelt...soll ja niemand nachher meinen wir hätten 3 Wochen im Zimmer verbracht. Neben den interessanten... read more
Canon  008
Canon  015

S'il y avait un océan au Paradis, on espère qui ressemblera à ce que nous avons vu aux îles Similan. Alors, si c'est le cas....Et bien merci mon Dieu ! Nous avons passé un séjour incroyable de 4 jours à bord du Manta Queen et nous avons plongés dans 14 sites très différents l'un des autres. Ces sites font parties du top 10 des plus belles plongées du monde. Le rêve de tout plongeurs est de croiser la plus grande des raies; la raie Manta qui peut atteindre plus de 6 m (18 pieds). La légende dit que plus on se frotte les mamellons, plus nous avons la chance de la voir. Est-ce qu'on peut vous dire qu'on les a frottés nos ti-totons ! A 2 reprises, sur 2 différents lieux de plongée nous en avons ... read more
Nous deux avant une plongée de nuit
Étoiloe de mer

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Similan Marine NP November 22nd 2009

The great chance we have living in Bangkok is the proximity to so many wonderful places. We certainly did not have the same freedom while living in Shanghai, or let put it on other words, it would have cost us a fortune. Leslie had school holidays on Thursday and Friday . School on Wednesday finishes at 2.30pm...well, we were in our plane by 4pm! And here we are, having a first seafood dinner on the beach of Kamala, Phuket, by 7pm. This time I rented a car for four days as we were going to head north to Khao Lak, and I don't mind some freedom of movements. Our first stop is our prefered restaurant in Phuket, the Lotus. It is next to a place Ma'ri and I truly cherish, the Banyan Tree. But no wine ... read more
my friends
Little blue spotted ray
life is fun!

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Similan Marine NP February 2nd 2009

After the last experience of travelling on a boat we would have both opted to fly (or even swim) to our next destination, Ko Phangan. Unfortunately though, Ko Tao doesn’t have an airport and neither Helen nor me were feeling that energetic after spending a few days relaxing. Still, as we’d been in Ko Tao for 4 days, it’d given the weather a chance to calm down and we did the crossing with no problems at all. In fact it was lovely and relaxing and we spent the journey listening to our I-pods and deciding where we would aim stay on the island. After a fair bit of discussion, we opted to not stay in the main area and instead stay where there was good snorkelling. We got a taxi from the port to a spot ... read more
Similian Islands - Panoramic Picture
This Lovely Cricket Thing Came And Offered Us A Flower
Backpacking Was Turning Out To Be A Stressful Occupation

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