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November 22nd 2009
Published: November 23rd 2009
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The great chance we have living in Bangkok is the proximity to so many wonderful places. We certainly did not have the same freedom while living in Shanghai, or let put it on other words, it would have cost us a fortune. Leslie had school holidays on Thursday and Friday . School on Wednesday finishes at 2.30pm...well, we were in our plane by 4pm! And here we are, having a first seafood dinner on the beach of Kamala, Phuket, by 7pm. This time I rented a car for four days as we were going to head north to Khao Lak, and I don't mind some freedom of movements.

Our first stop is our prefered restaurant in Phuket, the Lotus. It is next to a place Ma'ri and I truly cherish, the Banyan Tree. But no wine for this dinner this time for I'm still driving after this. It's high season in the area, and the Banyan Tree is clearly off-budget for us during the high season. After spending our first night in Phuket, we made it early morning to Khao Lak. The place has been really ravaged during the tsunami, but fully rebuilt since than. Happily for us, they have done quite a nice job, not to compare to the horrible rebuidling of Phi Phi. The place has a family/couple vibe...tranquille and laidback, miles away from Patong!

We stay on Thursday night at Le Meridien. And yes, we can say it, we are lucky as we landed a very serious upgrade...well, we couldn't do better, villa, 2 bedrooms, private swimming pool, and private direct access and view on the beach. The resort have only two of those...way bigger than our flat! This also means that we simply did not spend much time outside of our villa. When you have such a luxury, including a full kitchen, why would you go out!

On Friday morning, early serious breakfast before being pick up by the guys at Siam Adventures for our two days of diving. On the program, 6 dives each for Ma'ri and I, and a lot of snorkeling for Leslie. The place: Similan Marine Parks, around Islands number 4, 5, 6, and 8. With on the program, few great dive sites...Tuna wreck, East of Eden, Anita's Reef, Honeymoon Bay, Elephant Head Rock and finally Deep 6. What a program.

Not many sharks in the area, actually we did not see a single one on 6 dives. But amazing hard corals, and still an enormous amount of fishes around. The new thing for us is that we were going to camp on Island Number 4. I'm not a big fan for the moment of liveaboard with Leslie. In few months, he will be 10, will become a Junior PADI diver, and than we'll be able to plan liveaboards...till there, we are staying creative! And this time, it is camping!

We had a great time diving. Ma'ri is clocking 44 dives to date, and I've finally reached the 250 dives mark...well, even a little further. On Saturday night, we made our way back to Le Meridien. No great villa this time, cannot be lucky every single time, but we know we'll be back here with Tiffany and Leslie.

Our last day was spent leisuring around the pool, before driving to our last stop, the Tublamu Navy Golf course. Interesting place. It is right in the middle of a Navy Base...which means you get a very serious military welcome at the! We did play only 9 holes...but the 16th , 17th and 18th are all next to the can enjoy by yourself the sunset on the pictures...what a way to finish a great week-end.

More diving coming I say, the swimming pool is open, enjoy the season! Many more flights over the next few days, and more discoveries to come for me.

Till there, love from three of us! And don't forget, it's Christmas soon...time to decorate home with a great Christmas tree! We are spending Christmas at home, family style, should be a wonderful christmas.

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23rd November 2009

love leslie's photo on an elephant
Yeah, life is truly fun! Nice to hear from you again, Peter
19th June 2011
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Love the colours and clarity of this photo!

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