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Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Samui December 4th 2013

We've been in Koh Samui for a few days now and had an eventful 24 hours from our last night in Koh Tao to arriving here. As I said Matt and Alex left for Samui a day earlier than us so on our last night in Ko Tao me and Brad went for dinner. We were going to eat in our hotel because of the weather but because it's the low season they didn't even have it open so we had to get a taxi into town. We went to a really good little restaurant called Barracudas, a really cool,little restaurant where I was able to order proper sausage and mash, I'd been craving it for ages and it was delicious!! We had a really nice evening and went to pay for the bill and Brad ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Samui November 24th 2013

So I left it that we were in Thailand, we have been here for a week or so now and it's been raining non stop guys!! We got up at 5am for our bus trip it was meant to be 6 hours but took about 7 in total, but it wasn't bad at all really. We slept a lot of the way as it was so early. Because we were delayed though we had no time between the boat and bus and were straight on the catamaran for the 2nd part of the journey. Now, this is where the gross bit happens I'm afraid guys. We got on put our bags away and sat down, it was soooo choppy out though and we could feel every tiny movement. Well I definitely could. Within about 20 minutes ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Samui November 4th 2013

Aaaaaand relax! Wednesday 30th October we arrived in Koh Samui. We treated ourselves to a flight straight there from Bangkok, which only took an hour, much different to our 10 hour bus journey a couple days before! As soon as we arrived, we were greeted from a guy that works at our hostel and he drove us there. We were staying in a quiet part of the island with very little around. Our hostel was lovely! Very modern and even had its own pool so we knew we were in the right place for relaxation. We met some nice girls, one who was English and the other who was Dutch. The English girl had been travelling for 6 months and was on the last leg of her journey. She told us about one of her bus ... read more
The waterfall we attemoted to climb. It is a lot bigger than what you can see in the picture!
The dock on Koh Tao
Nang Yuan

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Samui September 19th 2013

Our time on the Andaman Coast Island hoping was now at an end and we were soon making our way over to the mainland to then move to the Gulf Coast of Thailand to stay on the island of Koh Samui. We had thought that with Phuket being the biggest island on the Andaman Coast, it would be easy for us to get to Krabi by getting a boat straight there, but we soon found out that there were no boats that go there from Phuket and so with that we were soon on another small ferry heading back for Koh Phi Phi to then get another boat to Krabi. After a full day of moving, we eventually got to the mainland later that afternoon and were off to find our hostel (Pak Up Hostel) which ... read more
Jade on Koh Samui

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Samui August 16th 2013

After a few days on Phi Phi I caught the ferry back to AoNang, although delayed, no reason given just a sign on the pier that said, "ferry late today", Thai time I guess. The crossing was a smooth one and I spent just one night in AoNang before getting up early to catch the bus and ferry to Samui. This was all plain sailing, the weather was good and I arrived in Koh Samui around lunch time. I was meeting up with Aoife who was from Eire, unfortunately her so called friend who she had been travelling with just decided to go home as she was missing her boyfriend. One of my ex-tour friends Ross had met her while they were on Koh Samui and asked me if I would mind befriending her as she ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Samui July 31st 2013

This is the part of the holiday that I was looking forward too! Pure relaxation. We left Pattaya and headed by plane to Koh Samui. On the way we went past a gold leaf Buddha outline on the side of a cliff. Pretty impressive, wonder how they got it there?? We arrived on Koh Samui, after a flight in a little plane (not my favourite part of the trip) at 6.15pm and then went looking for somewhere to stay. Eventually ended up in Lamai where the bus driver dropped us off at the Golden Sand Resort where we very happily dumped our bags and then went to sit on the beach for a much needed relaxing welcome drink. The rooms are little bungalows that line a garden path and at the end of the path is ... read more
Buddha on Cliff
Golden Sand
Bungalow Golden Sand

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Samui June 21st 2013

Well today marks the day we have to pack our bags and leave Koh Samui. We just can't believe our 8 nights have passed by so fast. THANKFULLY ... we are not yet heading home ... just relocating to another place full of new adventures. But before I go into Chiang Mai, our next destination, let me update you with the last couple of days. Yesterday we enjoyed our breakfast watching the view yet again then Scott and the boys spent a quiet hour in the room swimming and relaxing whilst I snuck off to the day spa here at the resort ... book in hand ... to enjoy an indulgent 1 hour thai foot massage. Ooooh yeah ... it was delightful!!!! I relaxed in a comfy chair (in the air conditioning) reading my book, and ... read more
Too early fo cocktails ...
Market Stalls
Dylan being cheeky ...

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Samui June 19th 2013

Hi All ... its us again :) I think we have adjusted to local time as we all slept in today and finally we had others at breakfast with us!!! Most days so far we have been the first to arrive at breakfast ... which of course has its advantages when Scott and I can get our coffee made as soon as we order and enjoy the service of 5-6 staff for our family of 5!!! Thailand is 3 hours behind Brisbane so we have moved into local time. Also, the mornings are so slow for everything over here and nothing really gets going until after lunch time ... so I'm glad we have adjusted a little. We have been caught out arriving too early for things a couple of times so far! This morning it ... read more
The very top of the Waterfalls ..
Beach Swing at Lunch Stop
Lunch today - YUM!

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Samui June 18th 2013

Well first of all I have to say thanks so much for the lovely comments you have made ... it is great to know that people are actually reading this blog and enjoying hearing about our travels! Sorry I have not replied ... just been SOOOOO busy doing SOOOOO much and yet still SOOOOO relaxed! Also sorry for all the typos ... there is no spell check and lets face it ... I'm on holidays! I can hardly remember what the last blog update was ... but I think it was our quiet morning in the unit enjoying the place and the view! We used our inifinity pool and read books ... the boys played hide and seek (there are just so many places to hide here!) and we headed off after lunch on another adventure! ... read more
Blake with the Birds
Birds eating my thongs!
The Doves

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Samui June 17th 2013

Sadly we have now had 4 sleeps at this amazing place in Koh Samui ... which means there are only another 4 left before we continue on our Thailand adventure. Since my last post we have been doing lots of relaxing ... let me share a bit of that with you now ... On Saturday afternoon we headed down to the north coast of Koh Samui to Mae Nam beach again ... we have found this to be our favourtie area so far on this trip. We had read about a little local bar that was worth a visit so we set out to find it. Thankfully with our car we can take lots of wrong turns and eventually find our way. The boys just don't understand why we keep getting lost! It is funny how ... read more
Beach play a Black Rose Bar - Mae Nam
Playing Pool
Coffee at Chaweng Beach

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