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September 12th 2005
Published: June 25th 2017
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I couldn't sleep well at all last night. In fact I was awake in bed until 4am. I have a slight sore throat, and my nose was kind of congested, but nothing serious. I even took my temperature, normal. I decided to spend the entire day relaxing in my air conditioned room trying to get well again.

So at 7pm my companion and I walked 2km to some restaurant he had lunch at. There are closer places, but my companion would rather walk than find a new place. The food was fine, but about halfway through eating it, I felt like I should stop eating, so I did, but the feeling got worse. Suddenly a nausea overtook me as if my body was telling me that my entire digestive system was about to purge itself from both ends. I stumbled out to the side of the building expecting to throw up and found some bench to sit on. I think it was a bench, I couldn't really tell too well.

Often when I feel this way, sitting still seems to maybe stem the tide of nausea. I had one of those decisions where I had to decide whether to try and get to the toilet, or sit still. I decided to go for the toilet. I stumbled back inside and just looked at the lady and said "toilet" twice and she kind of pointed to the back. As I passed my friend, my vision more or less left me and I saw myself kind of stumbling towards an up staircase. I kind of thought "wow, this would be interesting if I passed out on this staircase". Luckily I regained my vision enough to get up and I went into the back, which is basically their home. There was a 70 year old woman doing something, maybe sewing. I just said "toilet" and she pointed me to some closet. Stumbling in with maybe 50% of my vision, I tripped over the ledge, couldn't find the toilet. Eventually I realized I was standing on it.

Asian squat toilets are basically just the bowl of a toilet set into the ground with a wider rim to stand on. I've never used a squat toilet, and trying to use one for the first time in the dark, with 50% conciousness and sweat pouring out of my body is not the best time to learn. All of a sudden, everything went away and I felt normal again. No vomit, no diahrrea. I even went back and finished my meal and walked the 2km back to our place. A very strange experience indeed.

In any case, tomorrow we are traveling to Bangkok, an all day affair.


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