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September 19th 2008
Published: February 5th 2016
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Ko samui 19th-24th sept 2008

After a plane, bus and boat ride from Bangkok we finally arrived at Ko Samui after a six and a half hour trip. Good job for the 1hr plane journey otherwise it would have taken us 10 hours more!! Which was a good thing as we tried to stay awake on the trip to sort out our stupid sleep pattern!! haaaa.. (bloody jetlag) Arrived by taxi to Samui beach resort.. Lamia Beach OH MY GOSH!! A suit shop right outside reception area, after dodging their invitation to have a look around their shop we checked in and was then taken to our little bungalow which had the most amazing view of the beach which was about 10 steps away from our front door. Also the resort has a really nice pool area with a restaurant/bar overlooking the beach. The bungalow is pretty basic only having a bed, a fan and a wet room but still felt like home 😊 After settling into our new room.. we went for a meal and a couple beers at the bar which is also about 10steps away from our front door... (Hayley you'll have to tell Mike that Tiger beer is actually called Lager beer here) hehe. Was very surprised by how dark it got so quick!! (19:00) We went to log onto the internet and it started to pelt down with rain, thunder and lighting!! K crapped herself with the thunder which is possibly the worst we have ever heard!! K for the next half hour had to shut her eyes and stick her fingers in her ears... Bloody shame. Slept like a log!! Whoooop!! 20th Sept 2008 .. HAPPY BIRTHDAY NAN.. LOVE YOU XXXXXX Woke to beaming sunshine and completely clear skies.. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!! Had breakfast in the morning after getting ready K had a massive plate of fresh fruit with bananas, pineapple and melon and Lewis had a banana pancake which was more like a actual cake with bananas in it... Was still really nice though! After Breakfast headed to the beach for some long awaited sunbathing.. The beach is completely amazing!! Paradise.. White sands, clear water and palm trees dotted every where. The beach had a whole load of little stall people... carrying around baskets with a stick they put over their shoulders.. They sold all types of things like little wooden hand made items and all types of food.. We decided to try out a BBQ Corn Cob... After peeling off the leaves from a fresh cob the lil thai man cooked us the most tastiest COB we have ever had... (Lets take him home to cook us cobs everyday) That night we went for a meal at the resort and K pulled the chair out to sit down and got parrot poo on her hand.. YUK!! the parrot was a pet of the bar and was obviously sat on the chair before her.. Luckily our room was pretty close, she went to clean herself up..hahaha. After the meal we went off to find the town which we found after about 15minutes of walking.. after exploring the town for a bit headed back along the beach this way was a lot easier and safer then the main road!! Whilst walking back another storm came along and completely soaked us!!! had to walk in this for 10minutes! hehe..

21st sept 2008

Woke to beaming sunshine AGAIN!!
Selling bits and bobs on the beachSelling bits and bobs on the beachSelling bits and bobs on the beach

Can you see Ks little meatball in the sea ;)
Hooooray! Kind of strange that its so stormy for about an hour at night and when we say storm we mean it completely floods everything, then sunny and clear skies in the day..Explored the other end of the beach today.. found that about a 5 minute walk from us there is a hidden little beach which is home Grandfather and Grandmother rocks!! These rocks look a little bit like men and women's private bits.. hehe (they kind of do as well a bit weird) This beach was absolutly AMAZING!!!! The best beach we have ever seen!!! Didn't even need a snorkel for this place the water was sooo clear. (Danny-Gutted forgot the under water camera!!). Took advantage of this beautiful area and had a little sunbath in a little cove.. K was soooo sunburnt from the day before she had to cover up all burnt areas.. (whole body haha) Unlike lewis brown pants..After a while we headed back to the resort passing though a little town which had lots of tack shops but nooo suit shops.. WHOOP (No lovely jubley). That's one thing we dislike the most is the suit shops always hassling you to take a look in their shops.. Even going to shake your hand and then not letting go.. Went back to the pool area but K had to sit in the shade because of her burntness!! We reckon the temp is about 30+ degrees!! Got be the hottest we have every sat in!! That night we went into the town for a couple drinks. Found a nice little Aussie/Thai bar. Then after we headed back to the resort via the beach. It was completely pitch black as it got pretty late and all the beach bars had shut. So instead we went the main road way.. NO STORM TONIGHT!!!! A couple days later We went to the Namuang 1 & 2 waterfalls The number 1 waterfall was a pretty high 18.5 metres and the other was a massive 79 metres high!! We went to the 1st waterfall the smaller one by taxi from our resort only spent about 20mins there after saying to the taxi driver we would be 2hours.. But the smaller waterfall didn't really have much to do.. so then we decided to go and ave a look at the bigger falls. Good job the taxi man was still there!! Got to the bigger one after a hour trek through a jungle!! with the most steepest hills we have ever climbed.. got half way up the waterfall and had a look from the bottom which was completely amazing!! Then a Thai man came out from some bushes at the middle of the waterfall telling us to come up for a swim.. We started on another trek up then met the man which he then took us on a climbing tour to the top top of the waterfall!! We got half way up the climb we had to stop for a rest because of the heat we were knackered, sweating from every where and felt sooooooo faint!! K was almost crying at this point.. saying she couldn't go on.. and how are we going to get down!! after a little break we felt good enough to go on.. after about 10minutes we finally reached the top!!! Whoooop!!! Finding a little pool and a cave!! The Thai man jumped in and we followed it was complete heaven.. After a little swim and a jump into the pool we then had to go back down the way we went up!! It was a complete nightmare for us but not for the Thai man!! He shot off with out a trace leaving us to go down alone... mid way Lewis's flip flop broke soooo had to go down barefoot!! which turned out better for grip as K was slipping every where!! When we got to the bottom we got a little lost.. Lewis started to take us on a de tore though an elephant trek, had elephant poo everywhere which looked like coconuts!! K got in a little mood because she thought we were going to get trampled on by some elephants.. So we turn around and went another way which ended out to be a very good idea!! because it was the right way!! haaaaa.. Was a great experience but was so glad to get back in the taxi and head back to the resort for the pool because we were soooo hot and completely knackered!! It was our last night at Samui beach resort and the owners of the bar were having a live band and a BBQ night.. We stuffed ourself with steak, rice, chicken, salad, spring rolls and all other nice thing because it was all you could eat for 300 bhats!! K took advantage of this, she had 3 pieces of steak the little steak monster!! Our last morning in Ko samui ..Woke at 06:00 to get our minibus and start our travels to Phuket.... We we're sad to leave our resort at Ko samui as the staff here were really really friendly and kind and its absolute paradise of course 😊

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