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June 21st 2013
Published: June 21st 2013
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Well today marks the day we have to pack our bags and leave Koh Samui. We just can't believe our 8 nights have passed by so fast. THANKFULLY ... we are not yet heading home ... just relocating to another place full of new adventures. But before I go into Chiang Mai, our next destination, let me update you with the last couple of days.

Yesterday we enjoyed our breakfast watching the view yet again then Scott and the boys spent a quiet hour in the room swimming and relaxing whilst I snuck off to the day spa here at the resort ... book in hand ... to enjoy an indulgent 1 hour thai foot massage. Ooooh yeah ... it was delightful!!!! I relaxed in a comfy chair (in the air conditioning) reading my book, and occasionally glancing up at the view of the ocean. Talk about perfect!!! All the time my feet were being looked after by a lovely Thai lady who gave me a wonderful massage and pressure point treatment. Just what my feet wanted!! It was hard to actually walk on them again after being so pampered ... but all good things come to an end I guess.

On my return to the unit we all packed up and headed to the car in search of our final area to explore on this island ... a place called Bo Phut and a street area called Fisherman's Village. This is the same area that we had planned to visit last Friday night ... but aborted mission due to the number of people that were there and the fact that the boys were a bit tired.

We arrived mid-morning and found a place to park the car without paying (always a win for us!!!) then took a stroll up the main street area ... which runs along the beach front separated only by a line of shops and restaurants. It was very peacefull as we had again managed to avoid the crowds by visiting in the morning hours and also outside of the busy market times. The boys enjoyed a yummy strawberry and banana smoothie and Scott and I were tempted by the offer of a morning cocktail at only 70-80 Baht ... but decided it was too hot and too early to indulge 😊

We wandered aimlessly through the street, enjoying some street shopping and interacting with locals ... who are always so friendly and "LOVE" the kids. We get a lot of attention because we have three boys ... we have been told that we are "STRONG Mummy and Daddy ... with three boys" and "Very brave ... three boys" and "Oh ... you have THREE BOYS!!!" Dylan gets a lot of attention from the Thai locals ... they do love his Blonde hair and he gets patted on the head if he is not wearing his hat. I thought he'd hate the attention ... but he has a way of putting on a very cute smile and fluttering his eyelashes at the people ... and that just makes them ooh and ahh more. It is really funny to see.

We spent some time on the beach after the walk and the boys found some bricks and building debris to play with. Honestly Blake and Dylan could be entertained by anything! It was super hot on the beach ... and this area provided very little shade so we all decided to give a swim a miss and head back to the unit for a swim in the infinity pool. It is always nice and refreshing after a hot morning out.

I think the boys are getting sick of Thai food ... well the food they have chosen to eat to date. All they wanted for lunch was a jam sandwich! I bought some jam and some bread and made them just that when we got back to the unit. They were in heaven!!! To think that with all the yummy options available to them ... that's all they wanted to eat.

Scott and I then left them in the unit watching a DVD and we headed down to lunch at the resort ... our first opportunity for a relaxing meal together without the kids. The boys were happy to stay in the unit and we gave Kobe a walkie Talkie so he could get our attention if he needed us. Actually, our unit is right near the restaurant, so we left the blinds wide open so we could see into one room in our unit ... then the boys could also sign to us!!! Funny.

Our relaxing lunch was fantastic ... we ordered a bottle of wine and enjoyed the long lunch together. We had a couple of visits to the room when the walking talkie was screaching with screams and cries .... the DVD finished and they boys were mucking around. Then they needed Scott to find something that could not be located. Others at the restaurant thought the walkie talkies were a fantastic idea .... It was the first time we have used them on the trip! Now the kids have been playing with them since ... from one end of the unit to the other.

After lunch ... we all had a rest. Clearly drinking wine in the hot humid weather is not a great idea as it went straight to our heads! I slept with Blake, Scott slept with Dylan, and Kobe said he slept ... but probably just watched TV in his room. Anyway this was all part of the plan ... because we wanted to head to the night market and through the boys needed to have a day sleep to allow us to stay out later.

We headed to the Mae Nam night market ... a short 10 minute drive from our resort and in an area that is not really busy with tourists as it is away from the main Chewang Beach. Again we found a free park (yippee!!) and started our stroll through the market area. We told the boys to look for the food they wanted to eat for dinner as this was going to be a "grazing" meal. Also we wanted to try lots of the street stall food as it always looks so yummy (and is cheap cheap cheap!).

First stop was the 50 Baht Mojitos!!!!! We found them again and they were brilliant. Loving walking through the markets sipping on a cocktail for less than $2 a pop!!!

The boys, of course, chose a softdrink instead! We tried lots of food including some stick potatoes (the boys loved these), corn on the cob, stick kebabs, Pad Thai, more mojitos (oops did I say that??), pastries, cupcakes, icecreams and waffles. Honestly I wouldn't have spend more than $10 on all that food and we ate a lot! It was so much fun and the boys really loved it. Also, because they had slept we could enjoy the night without rushing off due to melt downs. It was brilliant.

We also bought some bits and pieces ... love the markets for the prices and the variety of goods on offer.

We drove home (well Scott drove as I had enjoyed too many mojitos!!) and Scott went straight to the day spa for his last massage and I got the boys showered and into bed. It was a lovely night but I didn't add to the blog due to the influence of the Mojitos!!

Today ... well a slower start for me (because of the Mojitos) but after a fantastic breakfast everything is great again 😊 Did I mention that we are able to enjoy yummy latte's every morning with breakfast? There is something good about getting a coffee made and served - rather than making it yourself. We have been very spoilt here - that's for sure.

Now we are packing the bags ... ready for our new adventure in Chiang Mai. Our flight leaves Koh Samui at 2.45pm this afternoon so we are spending the morning relaxing in the unit and packing. We leave the resort at about 1pm to head to the airport.

Well the next check in will be from Chiang Mai .... will be in touch again then. Love to all xxxxx

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21st June 2013

Ah goodbye island life
Love it all Min, hope flight goes well. Raining and cold here!!! Xxx
21st June 2013

That's wonderful that you are traveling with your kids...
I took my kids everywhere since the day they were born. The first time I was in Koh Samui was hotels, only coconut plantations. My wife and I lived in Chiang Mai for 18 months from 1974 to 1975. I took my kids there in 2007. They loved it and so will you.

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