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May 29th 2006
Published: June 30th 2006
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After a terrible night on the overnight bus (it was full of small cockroaches and had a stinky toilet!), a two hour wait in a nasty restaurant and a pleasant boat trip, we ended up on the Island of Ko Samui. We decided that we would go to Lamai beach on the East Coast. We checked into our resort and were upgraded to an air con - great! We checked out the pool, which was more or less on the beach, the sea was as warm as bath water and that clear that you could see all the yellow and black striped fishes at our feet. The temptation got to much for Ollie and he couldn't resist it anymore so he went for his first oil massage - when he got back (i had a snooze) he had a MASSIVE smile on his face?! I take it he enjoyed it. Having Thai food for the last few weeks we decided we needed some western food and headed to an Italian restaurant, but the pictures in the menu looked a little drab and we put it down to sun damage. However, when our Pizza's arrived it was a true likeness to the pictures and the taste - the cardboard menu would have tasted better, just to rub salt into the wound we were sat opposite good ol' McDonalds and watched with drible on our chins people ordering Big Macs.
On one of the nights i was woken by a tweeting sound in the room, i could hear it wasn't Ollies breathing or him having a cheeky little fart (he he!), so i woke Ollie up because i just couldn't figure out what it was. Ollie, half asleep told me it was just a bird outside and promptly fell back to sleep. The noise happened again, Ollie sat bolt upright and asked me what the noise was, i reminded him that i had asked him the same question! We went to investigate and realised that we had a little lizard squating in our room and apparently this is the noise that little lizards make.
We didn't do a great deal as the pool and sea were just too magnetic to move from, also i had found some waterproof dressings for my bad leg with the bite which meant i could now go in the water - yay! After 4 days in Ko Samui we made our way to Ko Pha Ngan, the next Island North.

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