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April 7th 2012
Published: April 7th 2012
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Appologies people for not writting more blogs those of you who i dont speak to on the phone must have been wondering what on earth i have been doing!


Ko Phi Phi was a very pretty island arrived mid afternoon and due to no cars on the island we walked to the hostel which was called Flower Bungalows which was a very hot and sweaty walk. The room was a bed on the floor in a little bamboo shak type thing with a fan and a sorry excuse for a toilet/bathroom lots of mozzies everywhere but nevermind still doesnt compare to the horrors of Cape Tribulation and that spider + snake infested place. We had dinner in a boat in the trees (bascially a tree house made out of a boat) we love our people watching so we sat there with our make shift bbq that was presented to us a long time after we ordered considering it hadnt been cooked yet. But nevermind it was an experience!

We spent the next 4 days on the beach watching fire poi shows in the evening and having a few shessa pipes. We took a day trip which cost us all of 7pounds we went to bamboo island which was hit by the tusnami and look perfect despite it! stunning blue seas and beautiful coral... had a bit of a joke about with the crew of the boat jumping off the dive board on the boat dont think they knew i had the guts to do it. ha we had a brillant day flitting from island to island around the adaman coast we sailed past a place called Viking cave where thai men spent most of their lives climbing for birds nests ( to make the delicassy birds nest soup) which apparently is expensive! Not sure i need to try that dish. We went to Monkey Beach where you guessed it there were monkeys but there were too many people there and I didnt really like the monkeys to get crowded so i moved away and went for a little swim in the water. The last place we visited was Maya Bay which is where the beach was filmed but the heavens opened as we kyaked back to the boat! We were paddling along to the boat and there was lightning not far off.... I LOVE THUNDER STORMS maybe i will look into storm chasing when i get home hahah ( joking mum)

Off to Krabi and arrived to a nice hotel (for the same price as the shak a few nights before) DAMIT IVE JUST FOUND ANOTHER MOZZIE BITE ON MY BACK! sorry but its itchy! So we stayed in Krabi for a few days over Chloes birthday checking into a lovely hotel called Blue Orchid which had a beautiful swimming pool with orchid flowers falling off the tree and floated around so we took a few brilliant pictures with some cool effects my camera has on it!

After 5 days in Krabi we moved on to Ko Pang Nang where the full moon party is held. We chilled out by the beach on the first day with some people that were in our room, but unfortunatley they were the type of people we wanted to hang around with so we separated and moved away from them going out to have a half moon party on the beach with some people from Miami. The next day we moved onto Ko Samui which brings us up to date nearly...

Ko Samui might be one of the close favourites on the thailand list...we are staying in a place called Chaweng Beach which is a very pretty beach with a reef not far off so i think ill do some snorkling to see some more lovely fishes.

Today I ventured out and went on a little day trip around Samui and saw quite a lot of thai culture... alot of beautiful buddas and glittering mosaics ( ive been trying to put up some pictures but this computer isnt the best so you might have to wait for them sorry) I got blessed by a Monk who tied a white string around my wrist and said a prayer for me and my life and them went and sat with a monk and he sprinkled water over me which has given me Good Luck for the rest of my life! I also saw some beautiful views over Samui and Ko Pang Nang. The water again was crystal blue and looked so tempting from a high up hill ill have to spend the day in it tomorrow i think!

I hope all is well at home with evertybody...HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEE AND ADAM i look forward to giving you birthday hugs and kisses when i get home xxx Lots of love Bells xxxxxxx


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