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March 5th 2012
Published: March 5th 2012
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So the past couple of days it has rained a little which means the tanning mission has to be put on hold. But there has been multiple games of cards.

Still in Samui and had a fun packed day a few days ago. We rented a car and went to a waterfall where we could swim in the small drop pool at the bottom. Absolutely beautiful, right next to the forest. We then went to a place where there was two baby elephants one a few months old and the other only a couple of weeks. They were the sweetest things I have ever seen up close. They kept sucking their trunks like a human baby would their thumb. The smell was hideous though. Worse than when farmers spray fields. I would even suggest it was worse than fox poo.

They also had a leopard, tiger and baby leopard there where you could have your photo taken with them. Although it was amazing to see these animals up close I'm unsure how I really felt about these huge animals being tied up and drugged. An asian woman had a small fright when the leopard seemed to get tired of being shoved about and appeared to grab hold of her with his paws. It was brilliant to see though.

Same day we also went to see Big Buddha on the island where a monk blessed a bracelet for both myself and Jimbo. We went round the outskirts hitting numerous bells for good luck (it appears alot it good luck here)

In the evening we popped to the fishermans village which is a small market that is set up on a Friday night full of little stalls. I purchased some rather suspect Havanas for £3!They had some amazing things tehre like leather drawings an the best Mojitos I've ever tasted! Unfortuantely we were unable to find any bugs to eat which Stacey and I were desperate to try but stopped at another market on the way back to the apartment and bumped into some other English people who were doing the same as we were. We al ltrieda small cricket which wasnt that bad, was covered in some sort of sauce and was just burnt tasting. Then I tried a locust which was huge but that went down a treat. Then Stacey and I had one of those grubs that you get off I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here. It was vile. As soon as you bit into it, it popped in your mouth and oozed horrible stuff. That made me feel sick. Horrifically sick. We then popped to a bar for a drink and they seem to serve the largest spirit measures ever! Still finding bits of leg and wing in our teeth at this point.

I do have pictures and videos of all of this but unfortunately havent got a card reader at the moment but will upload as soon as I can.

Since Friday it has been pretty chilled out just sun bathing, down the beach, swimming (in oil at times - I came out green on Saturday) almost finished a book and just generall chilling out. The food is really good here too which I never thought I would like as I hate rice and curry. But all the seafood, noodles etc are so nice and so cheap. Stir fry with crispy pork and spring rolls yesterday came to 100 baht which is about £2! amazing.

Going to Koh Phanang soon ready for the Full Moon Party then onto Koh Tao after then back to Samui where we will continue our travels west to Phi Phi and Phuket. Still a long way to go and I am getting very excited.



6th March 2012

Hi Jess. I'm loving the blogs and all the info. Keep it coming, it brightens my working day. A. Urk xxxxxxx
3rd April 2012

Oh! Jess reply to me
Jessica, looks like you are having a lovely time, i have messaged you but im not sure you have recieved any, or you are just having wayyyy to much fun to reply or met too many new cool people that you have actually forgotton me! I hope your survival kit has come in handy and you arn't looking too burnt! Love Alice xxxx

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