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February 22nd 2011
Published: February 22nd 2011
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Hi Guys,

We thoroughly enjoyed our time on Koh Tao with lots of snorkelling and sunshine. We waved off Pete and Jen as they head north we decided to work our way across the Islands and have one more stop off on Koh Samui before hitting the mainland.

The worst bust trip ever.

Samui - Phuket

Ferry ( Name of the ferry Wang Keaw ) - 1 hour 30min
Smooth crossing, warm with a nice breeze. Blue sky with white fluffy clouds.

Followed by a V.I.P. bus ( which should have carried us all the way to Phuket )

The V.I.P. bus had 24 big comfy seats with loads of leg room. The movie Yes Man with Jim Carrey very funny and it passed the first hour and a half with ease.

Paddy opens his big trap door of a mouth and says " I knew it was going to be a good day, with a good bus and a decent driver."

If only this email came with sound it would be the needle of a record player scratching across the vinyl.

The very next minute we are asked to get off the bus in are rather abrupt manner and take our bags.

We are told we change to another big bus. We waited and waited in the hot and humid lunch time sun.

2 hours later a tuk tuk turns up and they shout Phuket. They are having a laugh right, wrong! Everyone is holding back reluctant to get on. They cram in 6 people and tie all the luggage on top. The rude guy who was organising this chaos said " only 5 mins down the road in the tuk tuk and then get bus" The next time it turns up everyone is keen to get on. Paddy is there with our rucksacks and we are the next round of victims for the 5 min journey.

When we get off the tuk tuk the next lot of people are even more rude. The big bus has gone without us as they over booked it by about 25 places. We either wait 3 hours or pay for a mini bus. Having to pay again when it's their fault is infuriating but has to be done so we can get on our way.

30 mins in Paddy spots the drivers eyes closing. I am nearer to the front so I give him a gentle nudge and ask if he is ok. He asks me if I need the toilet, I ask him if he needs sleep, he asks me if I want the toilet. It was all lost in translation but we hoped at least now he was awake. On route it rained which it hadn't for about 3 weeks the road surface was slippery and we saw 4 really bad car accidents. The whole bus stared at the driver for the following 4 hours. Eventually after 14 hours of hideous travel we are back at our second home Patong!

Additional photos below
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I don't think HSE would allow this scaffolding back home!
Scooter scuffingScooter scuffing
Scooter scuffing

On Koh Tao there were so many people like this girl. After scooter accidents as the roads were so bad with gravel and sand.
Tuk TukTuk Tuk
Tuk Tuk

all aboard, I was dreading it taking a bend!

22nd February 2011

Ha! Great Fun! Not! Still sounds amazing though! xx
6th April 2011

Your haveing the time of your life. Looking forward to seeing more. Take care Love Jean xx

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