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January 2nd 2010
Published: January 3rd 2010
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Woke at 10am, must have had at least 10 hours sleep last night! Guess we needed it. Went for breakfast with Coats at an Irish bar near his hotel then went to a Tourist Info place to call Quantas about Ellie's bag - finally they've located it and said it should be delivered to us in Ko Samui in 2-3days, yey!
Ellie & I wandered down the main road in Chaweng looking out for the poshest hotel possible. We snuck in through the entrance of Centara Grand Beach resort, past the security guards and staff around the beacutiful poolside and on to their private area of Chawang beach. We layed down our towels and dozed for ages (despite not being tired) - you kind of can't help it, it's so relaxing lying in the sun and listening to the crashing waves with a breeze to keep you cool. Coatsy walked up and met us there, went in the sea with him for a bit. Normally I'm not a fan of the sea on holiday - I'm scared of whats in it, and the salty water just makes me sticky. But it's so different here. The water is clear and clean and the white sand isn't too hot to walk on. We jumped over the big white waves, I felt like a child again, it was so much fun! The Centara send out staff to play with the children and we watched a little boy being taught how to fly a kite. I wanted a go.
Me & Ellie went for a fruit shake(still detoxing) at the bar at our hostel. The Loft is a massive complex that offers all different types fo accommodation as well as hostel rooms, and it has a restaurant and massage parlour. We love it here. The bar looks right over the road, and we lay on lounging mats chilling out for a bit. We decided to have a pamper back in our room before getting ready: a hair masque and lots of moisturiser can make the world of difference when you're travelling.
Tom introduced us to his Thai girlfriend, and to a friend called Andre who's also dating a Thai girl. They're both really pretty, some of the best looking girls we've seen since we've been here. Andre had a friend called Heath with him - the second "Heath" we've met in a couple of days which is mad since I'd never met one before arriving here. Got taxis to a place called Arc bar which was sooo cool. It backs on to the beach and has pumping music that loads of people were up dancing to. The further you got near to the sea, the more chilled out it got, with people eating Thai food at the low slung tables on the beach. We all sat cross legged round a low table and ordered Thai buckets, beers, wines and food then chatted about Thailand. People were setting off fireworks so close to the crowds, sometime the gunpowder fell from the sky and showered all round us. A few fireworks shot off in to the sea, they'd skim the surface a few times then blow up, it looked so pretty.
A little girl came round with necklaces made from polystyrene balls and real flowers. As she walked round hanging them on our necks, she kissed me on the cheek which took me by suprise. I seem to be getting a lot of attention like this from the Thai people as they like my pale skin. They use Whitening Cream over here (opposit to fake tan). One lady asked to have a photo taken with me in a shop yesterday, which was nice, but I wasn't expecting I so got embarrased.
Had an interesting chat with Andre about prostitution. His Thai girlfriend "belongs" to a bar so he has to pay 300THB every day for her not to go to work. It's only 6pounds so it's very cheap, then he pays for "extra's" on top. Floating lanterns filled the sky and our food arrived, it was lovely. I had King prawns with asparagus. The food is so fresh and health over here, its great. Andre's girl came back with a shisha pipe for us to smoke then a guy walked round with a baby Monkey and a poloroid camera. The monkey wasn't on chains and it seemed really happy getting lots of attention and treats, so I asked for a photo right away. It was the best 200THB I'd spent, it completley made my night.
We walked up to the main strip of bars and had more Thai buckets in a place called Mint playing Hip Hop. Ellie met a Canadian guy and I danced with the Thai girls. Ant rang me & he's hoping to get flights out here in a couple of days which would be brilliant. Ellie ditched her Canadian guy, he suddenly appeared a bit too drunk and was expecting her to pay for his drinks as well as hers. Me El and Coatsy went to another bar then headed home in a taxi, stopping for Cheese & Ham Toastys on the way. I wanted to carry on the party so we went back to Coatsys, but apparently by the time he'd cracked open a beer I was fast asleep.

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