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March 19th 2008
Published: March 19th 2008
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Ok. So I didn't read up on how and where to post photos until after I posted that first entry. Now I know. I'm going to add some photos here. These go with the first entry.

Additional photos below
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New World Lodge; BangkokNew World Lodge; Bangkok
New World Lodge; Bangkok

This was our hotel room. Not too bad
Hotel View 1Hotel View 1
Hotel View 1

View from our hotel room balcony
Hotel View 2Hotel View 2
Hotel View 2

Again...the view
Hotel View 3Hotel View 3
Hotel View 3

Next to that truck...they set up tables and have a restaurant at night. It's really good and cars still drive through the alley.
Hotel View 4Hotel View 4
Hotel View 4

Again...the view (Inland Empire smog has nothin' on this place)
Claire and I at Wat PhoClaire and I at Wat Pho
Claire and I at Wat Pho

We are dressed up cause it's the respectful thing to do. Others are much dumber than us.
At Wat PhoAt Wat Pho
At Wat Pho

Wat means Temple.
:ong Tail Boat:ong Tail Boat
:ong Tail Boat

That's what these things are called. That's how they do it in Thailand.
Where are we?Where are we?
Where are we?

I think we're at the Grand Palace. Those golden things protect the place. I named all of them.
Reclining BuhddaReclining Buhdda
Reclining Buhdda

Didn't really get any great pics of this. There were hordes of people and they were all annoying. Besides I bought a postcard for pennies that beat any pic I could take.
Another TempleAnother Temple
Another Temple

Read the sign to figure out where we are. I don't remember. It was up on a big hill and gave a great view of the city (what you could see through the smog)
Temple on the hillTemple on the hill
Temple on the hill

View from that temple. And Claire's head.
The mural/storyThe mural/story
The mural/story

This thing was very cool and the gold is actually that bright. It's not from the flash. Lots of hours these folks spend on this stuff

19th March 2008

These are some amazing photos:) That hotel room doesn't look bad at all and kinda looks like a studio apt. here in the states. It's good to read that you guys are enjoying yourselves and taking in all the spectacular sights.
19th March 2008

It looks kinda like escape from ny and big trouble in little china with a dash of 12th century mongolian art. Find a monkey anywhere please and befriend it for me. Much love from NY.
29th March 2008

It really looks like you guys are having an amazing time! AWESOME!

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